Unstable Celestial Timechest

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This secret cache of treasure has been carefully hidden from would-be thieves by the guardians of the Rift Gauntlet Tower. Using their knowledge of time and space, the guardians have put the chest slightly out of phase with our timeline. Only those experienced in traversing and exploring the Rift Gauntlet Tower will be able to fully bring the chest back into sync to uncover the full treasure inside.

The contents of this chest will increase depending on the highest floor a hunter has explored during Ultimate Umbra. The rewards increase at floor 16, 32, 48, 64, and reach their maximum if a hunter has ever reached floor 80.

Acquiring Unstable Celestial Timechest

The Unstable Celestial Timechest is obtained from opening either a Valour Rift Treasure Chest (gives 1) or a Rare Valour Rift Treasure Chest (gives 2).

Unstable Celestial Timechest Contents

NOTE: The contents of the Unstable Celestial Timechest depend on the highest floor reached with Ultimate Umbra Augmentation at the time of opening it and not at the time of obtaining it.

When the Unstable Celestial Timechest is opened, the following message appears:
Using knowledge acquired from the exploration of the Rift Gauntlet Tower you carefully bring the chest into phase with your current timeline. The chest cracks open revealing... X Tower Sigils, X Tower Secrets, and X Charms

The number of Tower Sigils, number of Tower Secrets and the type of Charm that are obtained are dependent on the highest floor reached during Ultimate Umbra, as shown in the table below.

Highest floor reached during Ultimate Umbra Tower Sigils Tower Secrets Charms
0 - 15 5 0 5 Rift Charms
16 - 31 10 5 5 Rift Power Charms
32 - 47 20 10 5 Rift Super Power Charms
48 - 63 30 15 5 Rift Extreme Power Charms
64 - 79 40 20 5 Rift Ultimate Power Charms
80+ 50 25 5 Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charms

History and Trivia

  • 23 March 2021: The Unstable Celestial Timechest was released as a part of the Treasure Map Update for Valour Rift.

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