Unstable Ember Gadget

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A white hot gadget that has gone beyond overdrive! This must have been used in something quite powerful for quite sometime. Something must have knocked it out of place, sending it flying into the Queso River!

You can hear something rattling around inside. Wonder what makes it tick...


An Unstable Ember Gadget is obtained from Queen Quesada. It is placed under the Special inventory tab.

When "poked", a Unstable Ember Gadget yields some of the following:

Item Quantity
Bland Queso 1,000-50,000
Cactus Charm 2-3
Ember Charm 1
Flamin' Spice Leaf 1
Hot Spice Leaf 2
Magic Essence 3
Magmatic Crystal Charm 1
Medium Spice Leaf 2
Meteorite Piece 6
Mild Spice Leaf 3
Mineral 4-5
Queso Pump Charm 2-3
Scrap Metal 2
Super Cactus Charm 2-3
Unstable Charm 2-5
Unstable Crystal 1
Unstable Curd 1
Unstable Gourd 1
Wealth Charm 2-3


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