Unstable Rift Core

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Careful study of the entire Codex of Valour has revealed the true nature of a Core of the Eclipse.

Bringing three Cores of the Eclipse within close proximity to one another results in a cascade reaction producing this unstable version of the core. The immense gravitational forces are in perfect balance, manifesting an ornate crystal field, frozen in time.

Don't let its balanced beauty fool you: This Rift Core is incredibly unstable! A gentle poke, or even the slightest breeze, will collapse the core and, in a flash of light, pull items from the Rift Gauntlet Tower's timeline into phase with our own, destroying the Unstable Rift Core in the process.

Once in your inventory, carefully poke these Unstable Rift Cores to find Champion's Fire, various Rift Power Charms, Essences, as well as gold!


Unstable Rift Core can be purchased from the General Store in Valour Rift for:

It requires the Hunter to have these items in their inventory to purchase:

It is placed under the Special inventory tab.


When "poked", an Unstable Rift Core yields:

Selection group Item Quantity
(A) 1 slot of Gold 10,000
Gold 25,000
Gold 50,000
Gold 75,000
Gold 100,000
Gold 250,000
Gold 500,000
Gold 1,000,000
(B) 1 slot of Champion's Fire 2
Champion's Fire 4
Champion's Fire 8
Champion's Fire 12
(C) 1 slot of Aleth Essence 1-3
Ber Essence 2-4
Magic Essence 2-3
(D) 1 slot of Rift Power Charm 5
Rift Super Power Charm 5
Rift Extreme Power Charm 8-10
Rift Ultimate Power Charm 1
Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charm 1
Ultimate Charm 1

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History and Trivia

  • 28 October 2019: Unstable Rift Core was introduced with the release of the Valour Rift balance patch.

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