Susheese Cheese

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Susheese Cheese
Category: Furoma
Cheese Info
Cost: 191 gold
Shoppe: None
Potion: None
Craftable: Yes
Tradeable: No
Giveable: No
Smashes To: N/A
Stales To: Stale Cheese
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
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Considered somewhat of an acquired taste, Susheese is the traditional meal of the school of the Cheese Claw. The combination of delicious brie and fish fresh out of the Burroughs River seems to be the only bait that will attract the Masters of the Cheese Claw.

Obtaining Susheese Cheese


Susheese Cheese can be crafted using the proper ingredients.

Susheese Cheese - 3 Piece Recipe

Hunters must reach the rank of Grandmaster before they can use this recipe.

Formula: Susheese Cheese (3 pieces)
Recipe can be unlocked by: Capture 3 Student of the Cheese Claw mice
Item Item
Item Source
Token of the Cheese Claw 3 N/A
Burroughs Salmon 1 150
Curds and Whey 3 12
(36 total)
Nori 1 5
Total 191 gold Cost Per Piece: 63.67 gold
Recipe costs represent Shoppe prices only. The cost of items obtained through other sources will affect the total cost of crafting.

Other Sources

Using Susheese Cheese



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Crafting Items


Staling Effect

  • Stale Cheese - Produced by Susheese Cheese when it fails to attract a mouse and goes stale.

History and Trivia

  • 26 November 2008: Susheese Cheese was released with the introduction of Crafting.