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More questions that are regularly asked by members of the MouseHunt community can be found on the Commonly Asked Questions page.


MouseHunt is an open-ended game with no one correct path or one correct way to play the game. As you play the game you will gain access to new locations and discover a variety of mice.

Q. Where do I go next?

A. The Adventure Book is meant for players to easily see at a glance what they might need to buy or do at a particular location.

Q. What trap should I be using?

A. It all depends on your goals and location. Are you more interested in catching mice, earning gold, or earning points? The Trap Setup Options page will give you some options depending on your location. Some hunters like to rely on traps with high power and other hunters prefer traps with high luck. Experiment and see what works well for you.

Q. What impacts how many mice are attracted to my trap?

A. Different cheeses have different attraction rates. The attraction bonus on weapons and bases can also limit the number of hunts that end in a failure to attract.

Q. What impacts loot drops?

A. Trap setups with higher luck are more likely to drop loot.


Q. How can I buy X through trading?

A. Hover over your Shops tab and click the Marketplace option. Search for the item that you're intending to buy in the Search For Items section in the top-right-hand corner. Once you have found it, clicking on it will bring you to that item's trading page. You can then choose to buy that item by clicking the yellow Buy button. Enter in the quantity and gold/each and click on the Place Buy Order to finalize your buy order. Note that for buy orders, the amount of gold shown in the buy order includes the 10% tariff that was imposed by the King.

Q. How do I sell X through trading?

A. Follow the steps listed above for buying X, except now you should click the yellow Sell button. Enter in the quantity and gold/each and click on the Place Sell Order to finalize your buy order. Note that for sell orders, you can choose either to input in the amount of gold that will be shown publicly in the sell order (including the 10% tariff that was imposed by the King) or the eventual amount of gold you receive when your sell order has gone through.


Q. Do I need to complete Recipe Tasks in order to craft a certain recipe?

A. No, you can simply use this wiki to search for the crafting recipe of the item you wish to craft and then use the Crafting Table to learn and unlock the recipe.

Q. How do I craft a certain recipe more than once?

A. Once a recipe has been used, it will become unlocked in your Recipe Book. Use the search function to find the recipe that you used and click on the Craft button to open the recipe. You can then set the number of times you want to craft that recipe.

Q. If I leave Pepper Plants unpicked for a longer time, will they produce more peppers?

A. No, the output of picking pepper plants is random and not dependent on time.


Q. I was away for the weekend and just got home now. Why does my log show no trap checks since 9 AM yesterday?

A. You only get trap checks for the first 24 hours after your last activity.

Donations/Offers/Prize Mice

Q. I just made a donation to this game, so why didn't I receive the cheese?

A. Please use the donation support Contact Form.

Q. I caught a prize mouse (yay me) - how do I claim my prize?

A. You should get a green banner at the top of your page pretty soon - follow the instructions on there - and congrats :)

Common Problems

Q. How do I fix my problem with the King's Rewards? I can't see the image or I'm typing the correct code but it says it's incorrect.

A. First - try logging out of Facebook, then clear your cache/private data, then log in again. If that doesn't work click on the 'Open Image in a new window' copy the page link then start a new topic in the The Tavern or another board. Name the post 'Can you please tell me my code?', copy the link into the post and some kind Hunter will come in and post your code.

Q. I have a problem with MouseHunt displaying images, buttons missing, broken layout, no trap checks, a wonky horn, or something else. How can I fix it?

A. Before looking too deeply for answers to your problem to start with, first clear your browser cache. If this does not resolve the issues,

Q. I got my Master title a couple of hours ago and since then I have caught mice, sounded the horn, received the King's rewards. The graph shows as 0% completed. Are there a certain number of points you need to make the graph move? I know I have at least 3000.

A. Each level becomes harder than the last; your bar will begin to move eventually.

Q. So I've seen topics where people say they're 98.41% Apprentice or 57.29% Master. Where do you get the percentages from? I can only see the xx% in my little status thing?

A. Hover your mouse pointer over the bar below the Rank, and a tooltip will appear with your percentage to two decimal places.

Q. I am currently listed as "A Shrouded Figure" in the rankings, as are several of my friends. I don't remember doing anything funny to my privacy settings to cause this, and neither do my friends, but we must have done something. I'd rather just be listed with my name. Is there a way to fix this?

A. If your MouseHunt account is connected via Facebook, MouseHunt may display "A Shrouded Figure" if you've changed your privacy settings or removed the application. If you haven't changed your privacy settings, check your MouseHunt profile again at a later time, the system may resolve the error automatically.

Q. Occasionally, I get a blue banner below 'Welcome to MouseHunt', saying "If this message remains onscreen, your JavaScript may be disabled - Try refreshing the page." How can I fix it?

A. Normally, only users with JavaScript disabled will see that message, but sometimes due to a slow connection speed you may see the message before it gets hidden away.

Questions Not Covered

If you have a technical or gameplay issue that has not been covered here, check the Community Support and Help forum to see if others are experiencing the same issue.

When posting a new thread in the Support forum, remember to title it appropriately. Titles such as "Help", and "Developer Please Come Here" or "Bug!" are not very helpful. Try to give a short summary of your issue for the title. Within your post, try to provide a detailed explanation of what you experienced. This will help narrow down the cause and avoid back-and-forth conversations to get information. Err on the side of caution, providing too many details is usually better than not enough.

Try to answer these questions in your post:

  • What happened that was unexpected? How did it differ from what you expected?
  • Where in the game did it happen? When attempting to travel, buying cheese, or opening the Marketplace?
  • What were you attempting to do? Did it happen when you went to change your cheese for a different kind?
  • When did this happen? Provide your timezone to help avoid confusion.
  • Did this happen only once or is it a continual issue that your can repeat?

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