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As with virtually all other popular online games, MouseHunt has spawned a number of "communities" of players. Some are loose affiliations based on geography or hunting preferences while others are tight-knit groups with specific missions and objectives. The one thing they all have in common is a shared passion for the game. A non-exhaustive list of groups may be found below.

Competition groups

General groups

MHU - Mousehunt University

We are a friendly group aimed at helping hunters in their quest to rid the kingdom of pesky mice. We offer advice and guidance for hunters and a place to share information and ideas or share your joys and frustrations with the game.

Goal-oriented groups

90% Crown Club

Here's another way of hunting crowns - try to bronze crown 90% of all mice!

MouseHunt Century Club (MHCC)

Because there is more to MH than points, we offer seasoned hunters a new challenge. Catching mice by the hundreds encourages hunting throughout the kingdom.

Help groups

Map groups

Love of Maps for Mousehunt (LMM)

This group is for people looking for hunters to help in maps and also those who want to help complete those maps. Please no spamming or abusive language or selling or trading.

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MH Mapology

All mapping enthusiasts sure are welcome!

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MH Treasure Huntin’ Group (MHTH)

Need help with yer map/poster? Well then mate, this group serves the exact purpose and also not only that! But you can buy, sell, leech, snipe/proxy, dust in this group.

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Mousehunt Maps Glorious Maps (MMGM)

Not just a mapping group. The intention of this group is to have fun, show goodwill and be a friendly place. Maps - helpers, snipers, leechers or trading maps are all welcome. Competitions - Admin or member run to help celebrate those exciting MH goals. Chat - what to know anything MH? Just ask - we have plenty of helpful members who are willing to share ideas.

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Regional groups

Trading groups




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