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Discussion & rationale

Some of the so-called communities listed on the Main Page are hardly worthy of being included on this page, let alone have their own entry in the MHWiki. While some are truly notable (hundreds or even thousands of members, others have a relative handful at most. In addition, the pages created here read more like 9th-grade fanboy pages than actual relevant content. As such, I plan to tag many of said pages for deletion. The groups can be linked from here with neutral descriptions (with none of the "biggest and funniest"-type of rhetoric) and a simple link to the Facebook group page. This isn't the place for inside jokes, promoting a group, etc. People should be able to visit MHWiki and easily and quickly find relevant information without sorting through rubbish. IMHO, of course.

I propose that criteria be developed and followed for:

  1. inclusion of a group on this page, and
  2. creation of a separate page on MHWiki for detailed group info

Specifically, there should be a minimum number of group members (if entry links to a Facebook group) or a minimum number of active daily users (if entry links to a third-party website) before a group is listed or merits its own page. The numbers I have in mind are 250 for listing here and 750 for a separate page. Discussion?

--Brossow 00:47, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

Having a minimum criteria is a good idea. But the criteria could be a little more relaxed, something like 100 members for both listing and separate pages. Setting too high a number might result in smaller but better run groups being excluded. I also noticed some groups currently listed are closed groups, so the exact member numbers and activity are unknown which presents some difficulty in determining who should be included.

Another way to approach this is to categorize the communities into large and small ones, with the smaller groups getting a simple name & link.

Another issue is that of inactive groups. There has to be some criteria for removal, since communities do come and go. 2 months from the last visible group activity seems like a reasonable limit. -- Grexx 16:00, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

Even for closed groups you can see the total number of members by doing a simple search, like this one. With the total number of MH users approaching a quarter-million, I don't think it's unreasonable to require a group to have at least 250 members for mention here. That's only 1/10 of 1% of the total MH users. I firmly believe that with minimal effort and starting from scratch, I could have a group meeting this criteria in less than 24 hours. I'm not interested in wasting people's time to prove my point, but Facebook users in general and gamers in specific are natural "joiners." And speaking of closed communities, I wouldn't have a problem holding them to an even higher standard since they're (IMHO) going against the basic nature of Facebook in general and MouseHunt in particular, that of allowing people to become part of an online community. Just MHO, of course. -- B.Rossow talkcontr 16:40, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

Links up for removal

  • "CIA of MH" group seems inactive, and currently only has 95 members.
  • Need status on "Fraternal Chivalric Order of Mouse Hunting Knights". Number of members no longer shows up on facebook search.

These groups will be up for removal around end March 2009 unless someone can provide information that they are still active. Alternatively, if someone can confirm that a group is inactive, it can be removed any time, no need to wait.

As for those groups I have recently removed, they can be added back any time the group becomes properly active again. -- Grexx 08:23, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

The 2 groups mentioned have been removed. As per earlier info, they can be added back anytime if active, or if removed in error. -- Grexx 14:54, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

Dubious group claims

Need someone from the group to clean up Mousehunt Prizes' description as looking at the group page and events section, coupled with the fact that it was added by a known vandal, it is not doing any of the activities claimed. If it is not cleaned up by 10 April 2009, it will be removed to avoid misleading players. -- Grexx 15:12, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

The group admin has very likely not paid out his members from their recent invite "competition". The "winner" is just a blank account linked only to the admin, and no further names were announced. Not expecting much from this group. Unfortunately I do not currently have the time to follow up on this at the moment, will appreciate if someone does a proper fact check and take appropriate action on the forums. Most importantly, we should strive to keep dubious and scam groups off the MH Wiki. -- Grexx 09:48, 25 April 2009 (UTC)
As there has been no action nor comments on this matter, I will be removing the group permanently from the community page. The group has been nothing more than a scam attempt trying to bring the administrators free gold. A quick read of their forums throws up more than enough proof of this. Link to group discussion. -- Grexx 19:02, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

Small groups

I'm moving the following from the main page to facilitate maintenance of that page.

Indian MouseHunters

Group largely consisting of hunters from India. New members are always welcomed warmly.

MH Crew

This is a group of Indonesian Mousehunters who tries to defend the land of Gnawnia from mice invasion. Within this group, hunters can share your problems about MouseHunt, such as guides to each rank, current price list in market, tactics in hunting and many other things! Sometimes, we're hunting together in same places, gathering together, giving a sort of giveaway and many mouse related activities.

Ministry of Mouse Affairs, Bangladesh

Events and competitions, help new Bangladeshi hunters and encourage friends to play MH, add me, setup and strategy.

MouseHunt Italia

This is a friendly group for all Italian speaking MouseHunters in the world! The right place to ask in for help and suggestion or to meet new friends.

MouseHunt Madness

This is a fun loving group of helpful 'Maddies' that just enjoy all the MouseHunt Madness. Our group is a variety of mousehunters from all over the world dedicated to the game. We have Maddies of all ages so we do ask you watch your language (and if it is going to tricks, let us know and we will watch too)... You MUST enjoy having fun and be mad about MouseHunt!!!

We love to help new mousehunters as well as help each other with events. We keep our members up to date on all current NEWS, Feedback Friday, MH Events and more. We also offer inside group contests to our members as well as Mousehunt TEAMs/Tournament organization. We also offer our group chat for live help for anyone who may be stuck in an area or who would want to check in with fellow Mousehunters. Mousehunt Madness strives to keep our group family friendly, for this reason, we are closed group. Send us an invite today!

MouseHunt Posts Continue Forever (MHPCF)

This is a friendly group of Mousehunters that mainly are here to chat, make friends and play small competitions for the sake of fun.

Singapore MouseHunt Research Group

Created on 27 August 2009 by MouseHunt developer Joel Auge after it was discovered that Singapore had the world's second largest MouseHunter population. The group is meant to take in the opinions of Singapore players and has the potential to be a rallying group for MouseHunters in Singapore, with more than 1000 members joining in less than a day. The group received coverage by the Nibbler soon after its creation and already began coming up with many ideas for improving the game within a few hours of its inception

Sisterhood of Acolyte Assassins

The Siltherers

Do you have what it takes to fearlessly venture forth into the foul, smelly swampy waters of the Lagoon? Entry requirements are 10 Silth catches, a backbone and insanity.

Vermin Terminators

A place for all hunters whose primary duty in life is to hunt, trap and steal from mice in and around the Kingdom of Gnawnia. Hunters in this group share tactics, suggestions and friends, as well as spend time chatting about nothing at all while trying to kill 15 minutes.


Are you a Zurrealist?

Do you like to get down and dirty in Whisker woods? Up for high adventure on the SS Huntington II? Not afraid of the dark in the Moz, are you? Brave enough to head into Dracano? Happy to get wet in Balack's Cove? Do you not Dread the Jungle? Do you have enough fight in you to take on the Training Grounds? Happy to go up against the pickpockets in the Town of Gnawnia? ...and sane enough to not get your mind melted by the Realm Ripping? Or are you a Tower junkie?

Then you might just be up for the Zurrealist challenge!

The goal? 100 Zurreals. The means? Get those scholar charms by crafting Zurreal's Folly or by charging them in Zugzwangs Tower. The requirements: 10 Zurreals or 10 Follys.