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Quick note

Because of a hectic personal schedule, I am MUCH less available to 'babysit' here than was previously the case. There are a couple other editors who have really stepped up and done great things, so I don't feel bad taking time for myself. If you need my immediate attention, you can use the E-mail this user option to send me a message. Otherwise, I still check in periodically but am leaving the heavy lifting to other capable editors. -- B.Rossow talkcontr 14:44, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

The MouseHunt Wiki needs you!

How You Can Help Where You Can Get Help
There are lots of things that need to be done, and you can do it! Here's a list of things that can keep you busy and productive:
  • Look at this page and for every page listed, see if there's a legitimate need for that page.
    • If there is, click on the red link to create the page and fill it with carefully edited, pertinent information.
    • If there's not, follow the link in parentheses after the red link (e.g. "(1 link)"). Then edit the page to remove the link to the nonexistent page by eliminating the square brackets around the word or phrase in question. There's no reason and no excuse for having dozens of links to nonexistent pages.
  • Format dates throughout MHWiki to match the internationally recognized standard of "dd MMMM YYYY" (e.g. 17 December 2008).
  • Good with visual design, proofreading, page layout, etc.? Help create a "Style Manual" for MHWiki.

No matter how you contribute, no matter how much or how little, be a considerate wiki editor by using edit summaries when you make changes to pages and by signing your posts on Talk pages.

  • If it relates to the MHWiki, post your question on my Talk page (click here for more info or just scroll down the page a bit).

And in case you came to the wiki by accident and have no idea what MouseHunt is all about:

  • Victor - the industry leader in rodent control

A word from the editor

Just wanted to put up a quick word of greeting. My goal in editing MHWiki is to bring professionalism and experience to the wiki and make it a better place for everyone, but especially for the newer users who come here to learn about this wonderful game. If I've edited your work or proposed it for deletion, it's not because I'm having a bad day or because I'm an anal-retentive douchebag with no sense of humor. It's because I saw an opportunity to make MHWiki better. I absolutely guarantee it's nothing personal and I hope you won't take it as such. As a long-time wiki editor, I know that's asking a lot and it can be painful to see your work edited by a faceless stranger, but such is the nature of wikis.

Please note that the purpose of MHWiki is not to be a public billboard for your Facebook group, a forum for showcasing your new (mouse / trap / location / whatever) ideas, or a playground to "have some fun" and create joke pages. As stated on the main page, "The MHWiki [...] is intended to inform the populace of Mouse Hunters and those who have any interest in the MouseHunt world and its intricacies." There are countless places online for you to share your ideas and to have fun without restrictions; MHWiki, however, is not one of them.

Thanks for visiting my page and happy hunting! -- B.Rossow talkcontr

Have a comment?

Something on your mind? If so, please feel free to let it out on my Talk page by clicking this link or the tab marked "discussion" at the top of the page. Once you're there, it helps if you use the [ + ] tab at the top to add a new section in order to keep ideas more organized (unless, of course, you're commenting on a topic already being discussed). Please also remember to sign your post by using the signature button at the top of the editing box (second button from the right) or by typing --~~~~ at the end of your entry. Thanks!

Pages and templates and boxes, oh my!

The following are significant pages and templates I've created (not just edited) for MHWiki:

  • Communities‎ - a new page compiling info about several different MouseHunt communities with links for further info on each
  • Main Page - based in part on ideas/layouts from others, I coded the new Main Page by hand and am quite happy with the results
  • Template:Base‎ - an information box ("infobox") that appears on all bases pages with info about ... well, the base in question
  • Template:Weapon‎ - an infobox that appears on all weapons pages
  • Template:Mouse - an infobox that appears on all mice pages
  • Template:Location - a navigation box ("navbox") used to simplify "movement" from one Locations page to another