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SUPER|brie+ Factory Returning to Hiding

25 March 2020

Production temporarily halted while touring hunters exit

SUPER|brie+ Factory Tours End

His Majesty's royal SUPER|brie+ Factory tours have wrapped up for the year and all hunters are kindly asked to make their way to the exit. Before you head out, make sure to visit the shops at the factory to cash out any Golden Tickets you have. You may also want to cash out excess Factory Parts for various Party Charms, or if you'd prefer, smash individual parts into regular Party Charms.

With the tours at an end, the pump production has been halted, meaning hunters can no longer progress the cheesy goodness through the pipes of the factory. Hunters may, however, claim any unclaimed reward crates. Thanks to the help of hunters, all Factory Parts have been recovered, meaning you will no longer find any as loot drops from mice at the factory. Finally, the supply of Coggy Colby has temporary dried up, meaning hunters will no longer find Coggy Colby as loot drops at the factory.

Need to finish up a treasure map? The various event mice are still at the factory. Birthday Treasure Maps can now be put into consolation mode to claim a prize should you be out of Coggy Colby Cheese, or simply want to move on from the factory.

Hunters have access to the SUPER|brie+ Factory shops until April 1

-- Dave Vanderburg