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Relic Hunter Season 8 has begun!

3 November 2020

New Features and New Seasonal Rewards!
The new season of Relic Hunter brings exciting new features and unique rewards.

Relic Hunter Season 8 has begun!

The new Relic Hunter season brings with it unique seasonal rewards, important interface improvements, and an exciting new feature!

So gather your relics, assemble your treasure hunting team, and prepare for adventure!

NEW Community Map Listing

We're very excited to announce a brand new mapping feature: Community Map Listing!

You'll now find a new "Community" tab where you'll be able to see maps that have been "listed" by your friends, teammates, and hunters that you've marked as favourites.

Maps can be listed by the owner in the map settings. This new listing setting works in conjunction with the other invite settings so you can still choose who will be able to see your map and request invites to it.

One minute after setting your map to listed, it will become viewable in the Community Map Listing where other hunters can see its listing and send a request to join it.

This new feature will make finding and joining maps quicker, easier, and all available from the in-game interface!

Interface Improvements

Managing Invites and Requests Managing the invites you've received and the requests you've sent is now easier and more intuitive. You'll be able to view them all in a list under the Community tab on browser and within the "Invites and Requests" tab on mobile (previously called "Treasure Map Invites"). You'll be able to accept or decline any invites and view or cancel any sent requests all in one convenient location.

Mobile Improvements We've made some mobile interface improvements that will make mapping on mobile smoother, feature-rich, and more consistent with the browser experience.

These new additions to mobile include:

  • Location info for every mouse on the map
  • The ability to see and change map settings
  • The ability to view and accept or decline pending requests
  • The ability to add hunters to your favourites

Switching between browser and mobile while mapping will be smoother than ever before!

Seasonal Rewards

We've created some new and unique Limited Edition bases this year as Seasonal Rewards for the most dedicated map hunters!

NEW Thief Base Introducing the first "switchable" base that allows you to choose your play style while hunting in the city of Zokor. The base has two modes that each have different abilities and different artwork!

Thief Base (Stealth Mode) Stealth Mode Provides a 50% chance to not lose Stealth allowing you to hunt in Zokor longer to gather more loot!

  • Power: 500
  • Power Bonus: 15%
  • Attraction Bonus: 5%
  • Luck: 10

Thief Base (Heist Mode) Heist Mode Doubles Stealth lost but also doubles Fealty, Tech, and Scholar district loot gained per hunt for those who want to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

  • Power: 500
  • Power Bonus: 15%
  • Attraction Bonus: 5%
  • Luck: 10

These new modes are switchable via a new button in the Zokor HUD. This button will only appear in Zokor and only if you own this base.

NEW Forecaster Base This base will help to speed up your progress in Moussu Picchu by DOUBLING the weather intensity gained on every successful catch. This base will automatically switch which weather type it affects based on which cheese you have armed.

Forecaster Base

Doubles weather intensity gained in Moussu Picchu.

  • Power: 400
  • Power Bonus: 12%
  • Attraction Bonus: 10%
  • Luck: 10

As always, your chances of receiving the LE Seasonal Reward bases in a Relic Hunter treasure chest increase as you open more chests and rare chests will provide an even higher chance. Once you've completed 30 Relic Hunter maps, you will have a 100% chance to receive the Seasonal Rewards. So get out there and start mapping!

More Goodies

Other than the LE Seasonal Rewards, we've also created new trap skins and a new Floating Islands airship cosmetic!

  • Gilded Dragon Slayer Cannon Trap Skin
Purchasable from the King's Arms / Cart for 125 Gilded Coins
  • Ancient Jade S.T.I.N.G.E.R. Trap Skin
Rare chance to be found inside Relic Hunter treasure chests.
  • Gilded Airship Set
Purchasable from the King's Arms / Cart for 50 Gilded Coins per piece

Donation Rewards

Check out these exciting new limited-time donation kits and bundles to give your treasure hunting a head start!

  • NEW Relic Hunter Starter Pack
Lowest price ever on Rare Map Dust!
  • Gilded Scroll Case and Map Dust Bundle
Includes a free Rare Map Dust!
  • NEW Treasure Hunting Gift Set
Give the gift of adventure!
  • Gilded Scroll Case
Find Gilded Chests!
  • 20 Rare Map Dust
The 20-for-20 deal is back!
  • Rare Map Dust Crafter's Kit
The Ultimate Mapper

Halloween Final Countdown

The Grand Ghostship has been banged up beyond repair and has headed back to rest. The King will still keep the seasonal shops and the Spooky Shuffle open until...

Tuesday, November 10, 2020!

Make sure to cash out your rewards before then! At that point the Seasonal Shops will close along with the Spooky Shuffle until next year!

'Spooky Shuffle With the Halloween HUD gone, you will still be able to access the Spooky Shuffle through this link...

Play the Spooky Shuffle now!

Or you can visit the "Special" section of your inventory and find a link to the Spooky Shuffle in the description of your Spooky Shuffle Tickets.

-- Norm Hussey