Champion Kits

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Champion Kits are items purchasable with Tournament Tokens in the Tournament Hall General Store or they are given as special rewards during event tournaments. They are similar to the Gift Baskets, but do not provide a Lucky Golden Shield and are non-transferable. They are added to the special section of the hunter's inventory.

List of Champion Kits

Available from Tournament Hall General Store

Acolyte Champion Kit

This kit contains materials helpful in tracking down the elusive and powerful Acolyte Mouse!

Inside you'll find:

Balack's Cove Champion Kit

This Champion Kit will help a hunter track down the dangerous Lich Mice in Balack's Cove.

Inside you'll find:

Furoma Champion Kit

This kit contains an ample supply of loot commonly found by hunting Furoma Student Mice, along with a single master shard.

Inside you'll find:

Gauntlet Champion Kit

Climbing the King's Gauntlet is a long and arduous journey. This kit will give you a head start!

Inside you'll find:

Jungle Of Dread Champion Kit

Only the bravest and most prepared of hunters dare to enter the Jungle of Dread! This Champion Kit contains both bait and charms to hunt down the most powerful mice of the Dreaded Horde.

Inside you'll find:

Mousoleum Champion Kit

Within the Mousoleum lurks spooky and scary mice; this Champion Kit contains bait to help track them down!

Inside you'll find:

Tribal Champion Kit

Hunting in the Tribal Isles is one of the best ways to test a hunter's crafting skill. This Champion Kit contains crafting materials to produce helpful bait to hunt the mice of the three tribes.

Inside you'll find:

Whisker Woods Champion Kit

The region of Whisker Woods varies widely from the serene Calm Clearing to the damp and gloomy Lagoon. This Champion Kit will provide help no matter which area you choose to hunt.

Inside you'll find:

Given as special rewards during event tournaments

Festive Champion Kit

This festive kit contains an ample supply of icy loot useful for both tournaments and hunting during the Great Winter Snowball Fight!

Inside you'll find:

Warpath Champion Kit

The epic battle against the Marching Flame never ends! This kit will give you an edge in the Fiery Warpath!

Inside you'll find:

Zugzwang's Tower Champion Kit

This kit is a reward for those who master of the amplifier and show their keen strategic wits in a never ending game of chess!

Inside you'll find: