Fort Rox Treasure Map

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Fort Rox Treasure Map
Category: Adventuring Items
Map Info
Number of Hunters: 5
Number of Mice: 20
Rank to acquire: Baron/Baroness
and above
Rank to join: Baron/Baroness
and above
Treasure Chest: Fort Rox Treasure Chest
Rare Fort Rox Treasure Chest
Scroll Case Info
Scroll Case: Fort Rox Scroll Case
Scroll Case Source: Fort Rox Cartographer
Cost: 5 Ancient Relic
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
This sealed scroll case contains a map leading to treasure hidden in and around Fort Rox. Let's just hope it's easier to break into the scroll case than it is to break into Fort Rox.

Rumor has it that the chests found at the end of these maps have a small chance to award powerful pieces of technology which help harness the power of portals, adding an extra challenge during dawn at Fort Rox!

Acquiring a Fort Rox Treasure Map

Fort Rox Treasure Map is found upon opening Fort Rox Scroll Case.

Hunters ranked Baron/Baroness and above can purchase Fort Rox Scroll Cases from the Fort Rox Cartographer in exchange for 5 Ancient Relic. Hunters ranked Baron/Baroness and above can be invited to join Fort Rox Treasure Map.

Mice Found on a Fort Rox Treasure Map

Each Fort Rox Treasure Map contains 20 mice found in Fort Rox.

Fort Rox Treasure Chests

Fort Rox Treasure Chests are given to Hunters for completing a Fort Rox Treasure Map.

Guaranteed Items

These items are found in each Fort Rox Treasure Chest.
Rare treasure chests are awarded to Hunters who have used Rare Map Dust on a Fort Rox Treasure Map.

Item Common Chest
Rare Chest
Gold 70,000 140,000
Points 45,000 90,000
Ancient Charm 12 24
Crescent Cheese 8 - 12 N/A
Moon Cheese N/A 10 - 15
Meteorite Piece 20 - 30 N/A
Super Cactus Charm 5 - 10 10 - 20
Tower Mana 5 10

Variable Items

Hunters will receive a number of items from the following list.

Item Common Chest
Rare Chest
Animatronic Bird N/A 1
Fort Rox Portal Console 1 1
Fort Rox Portal Core 1 1
Meteorite Piece N/A 40 - 60
Silver Bolt N/A 1

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