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The Forums are an official platform where hunters are able to take part in discussions with other Hunters. A link can be found under Kingdom in the navigation bar.

Official News and Events

News and Updates Discussion

Discuss Recent News and Updates


Old news posts, feedback Friday reviews and Tavern Times. These topics are closed for comment.

Newcomers Forums

For players upto and including Master rank.

Help & Advice For Newcomers

For the budding MouseHunter to seek answers to the many questions you may have whilst first coming to the Kingdom.

Adoption/Mentor Requests

A place for higher ranked players to look for newer players who need some one to one advice. This section is for ALL ranks.

Mouse Archaeology

All things related to Treasure Map and Bounty Poster hunting!

Treasure Map Chat

The place to chat, ask questions and discuss the different maps and Bounty Posters.

Map Friend Requests

Got a spare spot on your treasure map or Bounty Poster? This is the place to post.

Main Forums

Mouse Lore and Hunting Strategy

The "Where to go" and the "What to know" for everything related to catching mice

The Tavern

A place for all MouseHunters to sit down, relax and just shoot the breeze

Community Support and Help

Having difficulties? Need a helping hand? People are just bursting with anticipation to help inside!

iPhone and Android App

Discussions and issues regarding the official iPhone, iPad, and Android app.

Tournaments & Trains!

All things Tournament and Train related.

Tournament & Train Talk

The place to chat, ask questions and discuss your strategies!

Hunters Looking for a Team

Lone hunter looking for a team? This is the place to post! Also remember to check the Teams looking for new members forum.

Teams Looking for Hunters

Looking for a new member for your existing team? This is the place to post! Remember to also check the Hunters looking for a Team forum.

Guild Hall

Egg Masters' Guild

This special forum can only be accessed by players who have collected all the spring eggs!

Other Stuff

Marketplace Chat

The place to go for what you need to know about the fast paced, ever changing world of the MouseHunt Marketplace. Chat with your fellow Marketplace loving hunters here!

Events and Competitions

Player run events, challenges and competitions can be found here

Ideas and Feature Suggestions

New mouse idea? Feature? Improvement? Enhancement? Put them here!

Cheese and Whine

Celebrate and commiserate your hunting luck here. The place to "cheese" about those DLU moments, and "whine" about the DHU ones.


All things Ronza.

Fan Art and Fiction

Where all the MouseHunters can go to artistically express themselves.

UI Testing Forum

Please use this forum to supply bug reports and feedback on the new HUD.

Add Me Sub-Forums

Meet & Greet

A place where new and old MouseHunters alike can find new friends and hunting partners

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