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"Anytime a mouse is not attracted to a trap during a hunt there is a chance for the cheese to turn stale. Some components are built using harmful chemicals that increase the odds of spoiling bait. Traps with a positive cheese effect help reduce the likelihood of cheese turning stale."

The cheese effect of bases, weapons, and charms determines the rate at which baited cheese goes stale. The cheese effect is calculated by adding the effect of all trap components together. For example, pairing a Stone Base (Fresh Effect, +1), with a Mouse DeathBot (Stale Effect, -1), and no charm (+0), results in a cheese effect of "No Effect" (+0). Pairing a Stone Base with a Mouse Mary O'Nette (Fresh Effect) and Freshness Charm (Very Fresh, +2), results in a cheese effect of "Insanely Fresh" (+4).

A baited cheese has a chance of turning stale whenever it fails to attract a mouse, although the cheese effect determines how high that chance is. Only the currently baited cheese is under the cheese effect. All other cheese in your inventory is not affected. Thus the time since you purchased the cheese also has no bearing on when it will go stale.

A by-product of cheese going stale is Stale Cheese, a crafting item. Players can pick up different kinds of stale cheese, depending on the type of cheese that has gone stale.

Possible Variations

  • Über Stale (-6)
  • Ultimately Stale (-5)
  • Insanely Stale (-4)
  • Extremely Stale (-3)
  • Very Stale (-2)
  • Stale (-1)
  • No Effect (+0)
  • Fresh (+1)
  • Very Fresh (+2)
  • Extremely Fresh (+3)
  • Insanely Fresh (+4)
  • Ultimately Fresh (+5)
  • Über Fresh (+6)

Über Fresh is currently the maximum freshness level any trap combination can achieve, and Über Stale is the maximum staleness level any trap combination can achieve.

History and Trivia

  • For a while, from the start of V3 (8 June 2010) until 17 June 2010, Cheese effect was calculated as an average.

See Also

  • Attraction Rate – A failed attraction will trigger the cheese effect.
  • Stale Cheese – Crafting item created when cheese turns stale.
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