Mouse of Elements Mouse

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The Mouse of Elements Mouse is a breed of mouse found in Valour Rift.

Mouse of Elements Mouse
Mouse Group: Rift Stalkers (Valour Rift)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 65,000 Gold: 2,500
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Rift Other Requirements: Magic Floor
Cheese: Gauntlet String Cheese
Magical String Cheese
Brie String Cheese
Swiss String Cheese
Marble String Cheese
Locations: Valour Rift Loot: Tower Sigil
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
The fusion of each element amalgamated into a single mouse. The creation of these requires the gathering of a group of champions, each focusing their power into one specific element then simultaneously releasing their energy at a focused point. The mice created by this are an uncontrollable rage of elements, each trying to overpower the other as they explode with raw power.
Mouse ID#: 996

Cheese Preference


The Mouse of Elements Mouse is primarily attracted to Gauntlet String Cheese, however it also can be attracted to Magical String Cheese, Brie String Cheese, Swiss String Cheese, Marble String Cheese.

Hunting Strategy

Only Rift traps are effective against the Mouse of Elements Mouse, all other power types are ineffective. The Mouse of Elements Mouse can only be encountered in Valour Rift after entering the Tower.

History and Trivia