Mystic Guardian Mouse

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The Mystic Guardian Mouse can be found in the Labyrinth and Zokor. It is known to drop Scholar Scrolls in Zokor.

Mystic Guardian Mouse
Mouse Group: Citizens of Zokor (Lost Scholar)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 40,000 Gold: 7,700
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Forgotten Other Requirements: None
Cheese: Glowing Gruyere Cheese
Standard Cheese
Charm: None
Locations: Labyrinth
Loot: Labyrinth Theme Scrap II
Scholar Scroll
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
Looking upon this mouse, it may appear to have physical form, but it is cold and void of life. It does not eat cheese, it merely senses your cheese and hunts you down if you wander too closely to its home.

The story goes... There was once a scholar from Zokor who created magical guardians to protect the city's mysterious Dark Library. These guardians were powerful and kept the library safe... Too safe. This scholar, thinking he could claim the entire Scholar District for his own, commanded his guardians to prevent anyone from coming near the grounds. Much devastation was wrought and some of the knowledge stored within the library was lost before he could be stopped. When his plan was finally foiled, as punishment, his material form was divided and forever bound to his constructs in order to repay the city for the countless years of knowledge that was forever lost.

Mouse ID#: 776

Preferred Cheese

The Mystic Guardian Mouse prefers Glowing Gruyere in both the Labyrinth and Zokor, but can be attracted with Standard Cheeses.

Hunting Strategy

Forgotten weapons are very effective against the Mystic Guardian Mouse. Arcane weapons are of normal effectiveness.


History and Trivia

  • 9 September 2015: Mystic Guardian Mouse was released as part of the Hollow Heights.