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Crafting is an integral part of MouseHunt, especially as players advance along the ranks. Once players advance to Initiate, the crafting tab will be accessible to them. Crafting allows players to put together different items that they have collected throughout the game. The result of crafting can be traps, cheeses, and other crafting items.

The in-game Crafting section of the Inventory tab is divided into three sub-sections: Recipe Book, Crafting Table, and Hunter's Hammer.

Recipe Book

By switching to the Recipe Book sub-tab, a hunter can find a particular recipe that they have unlocked, and select how many multiples of that recipe to craft at once. All recipes can be learned by crafting with the correct raw ingredients. Additionally, many recipes can be learned, even without a first crafting, by completing particular tasks. For a full list of recipes that can be learned, see Recipe Tasks.

The recipe book does not list event crafting done via special pages, such as the initial construction of the Nannybot during MouseHunt Birthday II, or toys built during the Toy Drive of the Great Winter Hunt 2011.

Twenty-five of these recipes are also tracked via the Book of Living Recipes in the Heads-up Display of the Living Garden and related areas.

Crafting Table

The Crafting Table sub-tab lets a hunter experiment with new recipes without first unlocking them from Recipe Tasks.

Crafting Items

Crafting items are the components or ingredients required in order to successfully create a crafted item. The complete list of all items that can be used in crafting can be found under Crafting Items. Information is given on the source as to where players can acquire individual items, as well as the crafted product(s) it is used in.

Crafting Slots

Crafting slots are what allow you to create certain cheeses and other items. Each ingredient in a recipe requires the use of a slot (regardless of the quantity of that ingredient). As you progress in rank, you will gain more slots for crafting, which allows you to craft items requiring more ingredients. Additionally, while many formulas only require 2 or 3 slots to craft, the ingredients are not available for lower ranks. Every rank will always be able to safely craft the items of the lower ranks. Therefore a Master will be able to craft items available to Journeymen, Initiates and Apprentices.

Rank Total Slots
Initiate 2
Journeyman 3
Master 4
Grandmaster 5
Legendary 6
Hero 7
Knight 8
Lord/Lady 9
Baron/Baroness 10
Count/Countess 11
Duke/Duchess 12
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess 12
Archduke/ArchDuchess 12
Viceroy 12
Elder 13
Sage 14
Fabled 15

When crafting a new recipe for the first time, the player is given an opportunity to share an Attraction Charm with friends, and the result of the crafting appears on the Hunter's Journal.

Before MouseHunt updated to Version 3.0 on 8 June 2010, the last slot of each rank was a Red Slot. If you used the correct recipe, and used the Red Slot, you had chance of losing all of your ingredients that you tried to use and not being successful in creating the new item. Otherwise, crafting works exactly the same now as it did before.

Unknown Recipes

When a new recipe is introduced and the ingredients are unknown, it is possible to determine the correct ingredients through trial and error. When you use the correct type of materials but in wrong quantities, you get a message saying, "Almost there The right parts are used but the quantities aren't correct," instead of the usual "Huh? Nothing seems to quite fit together."

If the quantities are right but the item cannot be constructed because the hunter has already reached the maximum inventory count for that item, the message states "Sorry Your inventory can not currently hold this item." For example, the S.S. Huntington III map piece is a capped inventory item, meaning it is not possible to craft both the Christened Ship and S.S. Huntington III recipes (however, both recipes can be learned by completing the recipe task of catching a Hydra mouse).

Hunter's Hammer

This section manages items that can be smashed for creating further items for crafting. The complete list of smashable items can be found under the Hunter's Hammer page. The Hunter's Hammer sub-tab is the only crafting ability available to hunters below Initiate rank.

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