Sunrise Cheese

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Sunrise Cheese
Category: Fort Rox
Cheese Info
Cost: 25 Dawn Dust
Shoppe: Fort Rox
Potion: None
Craftable: No
Tradeable: Yes
Giveable: No
Smashes To: N/A
Stales To: Stale Cheese
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
Warm and soft to the touch, this cheese seems to glow with a milky inner light! An out of this world flavour for an out of this world mouse.
This is a specialty cheese used to attract the Heart of the Meteor from inside of the Fort Rox Portal.

Obtaining Sunrise Cheese

Cheese Shoppe

Sunrise Cheese is available for purchase for 25 Dawn Dust at the Fort Rox Cheese Shoppe.

Using Sunrise Cheese

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Crafting Items

  • Dawn Dust - Required for purchasing Sunrise Cheese.

Staling Effect

  •  ???? - Produced by Sunrise Cheese when it fails to attract a mouse and goes stale.

History and Trivia

  • 15 March 2017: Sunrise Cheese is released with the expansion of the Fort Rox area.