Bog Beast Mouse

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The Bog Beast Mouse is a breed of mouse found in the Toxic Spill with spill level for hunters of rank Hero to Duke/Duchess.

Bog Beast Mouse
Mouse Group: The Polluted
Mouse Statistics
Points: 11,500 Gold: 4,700
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Hydro Other Requirements: Hero to Duke/Duchess spill required
Cheese: Rancid Radioactive Blue
Magical Rancid Radioactive Blue
Charm: None
Locations: Toxic Spill Loot: Canister Ring
Crude Pollutinum
Incinerated Garbage Bath Skin Pattern
Radioactive Sludge
Scum Scrubber Blueprints
Stale Cheese
Stale SUPER|brie+
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
Highly irradiated, the Bog Beast Mouse has developed a penchant to smother himself in the nearby polluted, slimy bog. The muddy slime soothes the Bog Beast's skin, bringing his body and core temperatures back to a more normal level. Be careful wandering through the polluted bog at the Toxic Spill, that pile of mud might not be what you think!
Mouse ID#: 523

Preferred Cheese

Bog Beast mice are attracted to Magical Rancid Radioactive Blue at every spill level and to Rancid Radioactive Blue when spill level is for Hero to Duke/Duchess.

Hunting Strategy

Hydro type traps such as Oasis Water Node Trap or Phantasmic Oasis Trap are effective against the Bog Beast Mouse.

History and Trivia

  • Released on 21 January 2014 as part of the Toxic Spill content.
  • Bog Beast' mice began dropping Scum Scrubber Blueprints as loot on 12 February 2014 as part of the release of the second spill.