Carrion Medium Mouse

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The Carrion Medium Mouse is a breed of mouse found in the Bristle Woods Rift. It is the Rift counterpart of Wight Mouse.

Carrion Medium Mouse
Mouse Group: Rift Stalkers (Bristle Woods Rift)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 100,000 Gold: 8,340
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Rift Other Requirements: Timewarp Chamber
Hidden Treasury
Acolyte Chamber
Cheese: Ancient String Cheese
Runic String Cheese
Charm: None
Locations: Bristle Woods Rift Loot: Time Sand
Tiny Sprocket
Satchel of Gold
Quantum Quartz
Rift Wealth Charm
Bristle Woods Rift Journal Theme Scrap I
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
This being is a decayed husk of a mouse, mostly kept alive by dark magics that force the body to continue long after the spirit has moved on. With their souls kept inside the quartz embedded in their staves, defeating their bodies will not stop them, but merely anger them further...
Mouse ID#: 884

Preferred Cheese

The Carrion Medium Mouse has been found to be especially attracted to Ancient String Cheese and Runic String Cheese, to the point that any other kind of cheese will simply not suffice.

Power Type Weaknesses



Rift None None

Hunting Strategy

Only Rift type traps are very effective against Carrion Medium Mouse, all other power types are ineffective.

History and Trivia