Dungeon Master

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Dungeon Master is a breed of mouse found on the Dungeon Floor in Bountiful Beanstalk.

Dungeon Master
Mouse Group: Beanstalkers (Dungeon Dwellers)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 300,000 Gold: 70,000
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Physical Other Requirements: Dungeon Floor and Noise Level 200
Cheese: Standard Cheese
Beanster Cheese
Lavish Beanster Cheese
Royal Beanster Cheese
Charm: None
Locations: Bountiful Beanstalk Loot: Ancient Relic
Condensed Creativity
Fabled Fertilizer
Giant's Golden Key
Golden Goose Feather
Lavish Lapis Bean
Magic Bean
Royal Ruby Bean
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
This seemingly jolly giant is not to be trifled with! He expects a completely silent dungeon except for the bellowing sounds of his own raucous laughter and does not take kindly to being disturbed. Anyone brave (or foolish) enough to awaken and annoy this boisterous behemoth might just find themselves confined to his infinite dungeon forever!
Mouse ID#: 1135

Cheese Preference

Dungeon Master can be attracted with any Standard Cheese, Beanster Cheese, Lavish Beanster Cheese, or Royal Beanster Cheese.

Hunting Strategy

The Dungeon Master can only be attracted after planting a Short Vine to the Dungeon Floor and with Noise Level 200.

Physical power type is very effective against Dungeon Master.
All other types are ineffective.

Catching the Dungeon Master will cause the Hunter to be moved to back to the Beanstalk.


Dungeon Master can drop:

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