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MouseHunt General/Off Topic Chat

The original "MouseHunt" forums. Use these for random conversations and to communicate with other players during updates.

Recent News and Updates

Discuss the latest updates to the game! Remember to post problem-related posts in the 'Tech Support' forum.

Newcomers Lounge

New to the Game of MouseHunt? This is the place to hang out with some new players, make some friends to join your hunting group and learn how to play MouseHunt.

Mouse Lore and Hunting Strategy

Here the elite hunters gather to discuss strategies for tracking and defeating the vermin hordes.

Events and Competitions

Host your player-run contests, events and competitions here!

The Tavern]

Kick back and relax. Freedom of expression is encouraged however please keep in mind the terms of service of both MouseHunt and Facebook.

Cheese and Whine

Frustrated with the hunt? Blow off some steam with rants, complaints and whining here. Caution: FLAMMABLE.

Tournament Talk

Want to ask questions about tournament strategy? Or perhaps you just want to brag about your awesome multiplier or recent victory! Here's the place to discuss tournament strategy and methods.

Meet and Greet

A place to meet and greet hunters with similar interests or in the same hunting area as you to expand your hunting group or recruit new members for your hunting party. Please remember to keep your posts within the terms of service and avoid any sort of discrimination.

Ideas and Feature Suggestions

Have a totally amazing idea for the game? Let it be known here where your fellow hunters can help you brainstorm. We love hearing your suggestions!

Community Support and Help Discussions

Something not quite right? Seek answers to technical questions or bugs related to MouseHunt here. Please describe what the problem is, what you were doing at the time, and how to repeat it. Do not post exploits here. Instead, please contact the developers directly.