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The Furoma region consists of outlying areas to the west of the Mousoleum. It is accessed by the Furoma Bridge and comprises so far one known area:

A place of study, the students that train along the northern shore of the Burroughs River are indeed a worthy foe. Hunters who prove themselves as formidable opponents may earn the right to challenge the students' teachers.
One does not simply walk into Furoma! Therefore, in order to get to the Training Grounds, you will need to obtain a Shredded Furoma Map Piece, sometimes dropped by Lycan mice in the Mousoleum or Mole mice in Digby.

To move to a new area within the game, click on the TRAVEL button. The map will show all your discovered areas, as well as any travel costs or special considerations of note in a specific area. It will also show the minimum rank required to hunt in that area.

Those that challange the student's teachers and lose are sent to the salt mines. Crafty MouseHunters can follow them by floating down the Burroughs River.
One cannot simply walk to the Salt Mines! Therefore, in order to get to the Mines, you must obtain a Secret Pass and a Flotilla Ninja mice in the Mountains and Archer mice in the Training Grounds.