Gouda Lovers Charm Pack

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Need some cheese and a bit of luck? Open up this pack for a little boost! Inside, you'll find:

• 50 pieces of Gouda Cheese
• 25 Luck Charms

Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 3 days from date of opening for even MORE luck!
Open this item to find out what's inside!

The Gouda Lovers Charm Pack contains 50 Gouda and 25 Luck charms, and it provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 3 days from date of opening. It can be found in the Special section of the hunter's Inventory.

A hunter could obtain a charm pack by liking the MouseHunt Facebook page; at which point the following message appeared in the Hunter's Journal:

I received my prestigious Gouda Lovers Charm Pack by becoming a fan of MouseHunt!
I should tell my friends about this reward so they can get one too!

History and Trivia

At the conclusion of the Bonus Luck Weekend on 17 July 2013, HitGrab gave each hunter who 'liked' the MouseHunt fanpage on Facebook a surprise free gift: the Gouda Lovers Charm pack.