Hunter's Horn

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The Hunter's Horn is an active gameplay tool on MouseHunt, available every 15 minutes. If it has been more than 15 minutes since the player's last hunt, s/he will have the opportunity to click the Hunter's Horn image at the top of the page. This initiates a short "horn blowing" animation and awards experience points to the hunter based on the number of active hunters in his/her hunting group currently online in that location.

There are several possible outcomes that can result from a hunt. In earlier stages of the game, the outcomes are fewer. The mouse may merely take the piece of cheese without being caught, or it may result in a successful catch, whereby the hunter will collect experience points and gold, depending on the weight and type of mouse caught. In later stages of the game, the mice are more dangerous and, besides taking the cheese without being caught, the mice can affect the hunter's 'courage' on an unsuccessful hunt. This can take the form of the mouse stealing experience points, gold or extra pieces of cheese from the hunter.

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