Lockpick Mouse

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The Lockpick Mouse is a breed of mouse found in the King's Gauntlet: Tier 2, as a member of the Thief Tier. It is known to drop the Gauntlet Potion Tier 3 as loot.

Lockpick Mouse
Mouse Group: Gauntlet Gladiators (Tier Two: Thief Mice)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 150 Gold: 180
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Physical Other Requirements: ??
Cheese: Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2 Charm: ??
Locations: King's Gauntlet: Tier 2 Loot: Gauntlet Potion Tier 3
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
24. . . 8. . . 19. . . The Lockpick mouse can use its mini-stethoscope and custom paperclip to circumvent nearly any method of modern lock-itude. Sea chests? Done. Safes? Cracked. Deluxe, master-class lockboxes with fifteen different mechanisms and an explosive security system? There better be a big cheese payoff, but, yeah, the Lockpick can do them, too. It can also spring trap mechanisms ahead of time, leaving the cheese ripe for the taking.
Mouse ID#: 116

Preferred Cheese

The Lockpick Mouse has been found to be especially attracted to Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2, to the point that any other kind of cheese will simply not suffice.

Hunting Strategy

Physical traps are very effective against the Lockpick Mouse.
Law and Tactical traps are of normal effectiveness. Most other power types, including Parental, are less effective. Rift traps are ineffective.

Event Participation

History and Trivia

  • 8 June 2010: The Mouse was released with the introduction of the King's Gauntlet as part of the MouseHunt v3.0 update.
  • 15 June 2010: The King granted permission to use the Gauntlet Potion Tier 2, allowing Hunters to access the Mouse.
  • The image of a Lockpick Mouse is displayed when the game is down for an update or maintenance, along with this message:
MouseHunt will return shortly.
We're doing some maintenance, or applying a game update.
Thanks for your patience.