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"Lucky" redirects here. For more uses, see Luck (disambiguation).

Lucky Mouse
Mouse Group: Event Mice
Mouse Statistics
Points: 777 Gold: 777
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: All types except Parental Other Requirements: ??
Cheese: Charm: ??
Locations: Loot:
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: ??
This little guy is pretty buddy-buddy with Lady Luck. He's managed to swipe cheese off every trap he's encountered with barely any trouble, and over time he's also managed to collect various 'Lucky' trinkets: a funky lucky sock that he'll never remove because he claims it once messed up a Monstrobot's sensors, lucky beads that managed to jam a trap's trigger mechanism without him even noticing, and his lucky belt that has... been a good conversation starter at least.

Yessir, everything goes his way! In fact, he's so sure of his luck that he's decided to try to steal a hunter's luck charm right off their trap! Mustachio the charms specialist insists that this little trick is likely to backfire however, since Luck charms can only make a trap luckier and they are known to be very powerful indeed!
Mouse ID#:

The Lucky Mouse is a breed of mouse.