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Patch Notes

25 September 2019

Patch Notes for September 25, 2019

  • Fixed issue in Larry's Loot Lexicon popup where quantity owned would always read zero
  • Fixed issue where another hunter's favourite mice would change when navigating to the King's Crown tab and back
  • Fixed issue where some hunter profiles were failing to load when playing from Facebook
  • Added tooltip to see more decimal precision when viewing title progress on a profile
  • Corrected some mouse thumbnail images that were too large
  • Further optimized profiles on mobile to improve loading time

-- Dave Vanderburg

4 September 2019

Patch Notes for September 4, 2019

  • Tapping title in mobile app now navigates to a list of all titles in the game.
  • Added quantities when viewing items in inventory in mobile app.
  • Added pagination to journal in mobile app.
  • Fixed text overflow issue when claiming more than 999,999 gold from a marketplace sale in the mobile app.
  • Added "Platinum King's Crown" for 1,000 catches of a mouse.
  • Added "Diamond King's Crown" for 2,500 catches of a mouse.
  • Added player avatar to main navigation area which can be clicked/tapped to load the Hunter Profile.
  • Added "My Profile" to slide up navigation menu in mobile app.
  • Players in the King's Stockade can now logout of the game from the "You are in the King's Stockade" page.
  • Removed "s" from the end of points and gold amounts when capturing a mouse using the iOS widget.
  • Added badges to Hunter Profile to show number of years a hunter has been playing, with different styles for 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15 years.
  • Removed reference to Platinum Base in description of Champion Charm Kit.
  • Can now unfriend players who have been Banished or sent to the King's Stockade.
  • The Lucky Mouse can no longer be encountered in the Fiery Warpath.

-- Dave Vanderburg