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18 November 2020

Patch Notes for November 18, 2020

  • Removed duplicate Absolute Acolyte Mouse scoreboard
  • Removed skeleton backdrop and Spooky Shuffle from Daily Loyalty Chest popup
  • Fixed refreshing of train schedule at the Gnawnian Express Station

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

11 November 2020

Patch Notes for November 11, 2020

  • Removed ability to open multiple Toxic Scroll Cases at once

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

10 November 2020

Patch Notes for November 10, 2020

  • Logging into an inactive account will now perform the following to assist with account recovery:
  • Send an alert email to the account owner with a password recovery link
  • Log an event in our customer support system
  • When resetting a password, players can now choose to log out of all other game sessions on all devices
  • Updated Novice title description to mention players can hunt in the Meadow

🔐 Account Security Reminder We've added these new security features to better assist hunters with recovering compromised accounts. Now is a great time to give your own account a quick security check up!

  • Make sure you've set an email address in user preferences to be able to reset a forgotten password
  • Ensure you're using a strong password that you haven't used for any other site or game
  • Never share your account details or allow someone else to login to your account (You run the risk of losing your account and items!)
  • When logging into the game, double check you're at and be wary of fake sites pretending to be MouseHunt
  • Be cautious of what browser extensions, plugins, or third-party tools you use, and if a tool asks for your account information or login details, do not provide them
  • Do not copy-paste code someone asks you to run inside of your browser developer console

-- Norm Hussey

9 November 2020

Patch Notes for November 9, 2020

  • Gilded Scroll Cases can now be exchanged for Gilded Scavenger Hunt Scroll Cases at the King's Arms (This exchange cannot be made via the King's Cart)

-- Dave Vanderburg

Patch Notes for November 5, 2020

  • Added Cemetery Slat and Crimson Curd as possible item on Easy, Medium, and Hard Scavenger Hunts
  • Added Runny Cheese, Cemetery Slat, Crimson Curd, and Tournament Token as possible item on Gilded Scavenger Hunts
  • Added Gilded Scavenger Hunt Scroll Case to premium shop

-- Dave Vanderburg

4 November 2020

Patch Notes for November 4, 2020

  • Fixed sending & requesting map invites from the Hunter Profile and Friends pages
  • Fixed invite notifications on the Community tab within the treasure map interface
  • The "Friend Clues Found" scoreboard found within the treasure map interface now shows relative rankings instead of the top scores

-- Andrew Stevenson

3 November 2020

Patch Notes for November 3, 2020

Interface, Artwork, Gameplay, and Quality-of-Life Updates

  • Created the Community Map Listing tab on mobile and browser
  • Added a setting for map owners to be able to list their maps to the community
  • Renamed "Treasure Map Invites" category on mobile to "Invites and Requests"
  • Added the ability to cancel sent requests on mobile
  • Added the ability to view and change map settings on mobile
  • Added the ability to favourite/unfavourite map hunters on mobile
  • Added the ability to sort the list of hunters by "Favourites" for map invites and requests on mobile
  • Added "Found in" locations to the mouse popup views on the mobile map interface
  • Changed number of mice remaining to number of mice caught out of total mice in the browser treasure map HUD
  • Changed existing invites and requests to automatically expire and map settings to reset when a map is completed, abandoned, or transferred to a new owner
  • Added Relic Hunter "Season 8 Treasure Maps Completed" to the scoreboard
  • Created the Thief Base with Stealth Mode and Heist Mode for use in Zokor
  • Added a button to control the new Thief Base into the Zokor HUD
  • Created the Forecaster Base for use in Moussu Picchu
  • Changed mice that have never been caught before to appear greyed out in the active treasure map view on mobile (like it is on browser)
  • Changed the minimum rank requirement of Zugszwang's First Move to Lord/Lady
  • Added Moussu Picchu area tags to certain Draconic traps that were missing them
  • Updated the thumbnail for the Meadow on mobile
  • Removed a lone floating pixel from the Overgrown Ember Stone Base artwork

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the tournament placement icon in the inbox to load over http instead of https
  • Fixed an issue where the upgraded Dissonance traps did not have a points requirement
  • Fixed a bug causing the Golem Guardian Hydro trap to appear too low in the recommended traps list
  • Fixed an issue causing some Rift charms not to be categorized under "Rift"
  • Fixed the Leviathan Mouse thumbnail appearing at an incorrect size
  • Fixed an issue causing some recipes to unlock prematurely by creating a Marketplace listing
  • Fixed a bug where the journal was not being broken up into separate pages
  • Fixed an issue causing the word "ARMED" to spill out of its button in the Mountain HUD
  • Fixed an issue causing some tournaments to not have a rank requirement based on their area
  • Fixed an issue causing the Relic Hunter "Season 7 Treasure Maps Completed" scoreboard to occasionally update to an incorrect value
  • Fixed an issue where the preview of rare chest rewards would sometimes show multiples of the same item
  • Fixed an issue with Gourdborg not being vulnerable to certain power types
  • Fixed an issue on mobile where failing to catch a mouse with a landscaped image would show an incorrectly sized mouse image
  • Fixed an issue causing Zugszwang's Tower amplifier to reset to zero when a mobile account was transferred to Facebook
  • Fixed an issue with the Spooky Aura's extension message referencing the wrong time zone
  • Fixed a bug which allowed hunters to receive map invites from non-friends who had favourited them even with the Allow map invites from anyone preference disabled

Copy Updates and Typo Corrections

  • Fixed typo in the Crown Collector Mouse's description
  • Fixed typo in the journal entry for Rift Distortions
  • Fixed a typo in the Sky Squire Mouse's description
  • Fixed a typo in the Glowing Golem Guardian Base description
  • Removed description of the Riftwalker/Riftstalker set bonuses from Rift Charms on mobile due to incorrect type occasionally being displayed
  • Removed the year from the descriptions of the Squishy Sheep and Tiger Mask collectibles

Technical Updates

  • Massive update to the plugin used for the rendering engine in the iOS mobile app to improve performance, future compatibility, and other really sick stuff 🤙🏄‍♂️😎

Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.96.0 and above

-- Norm Hussey