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27 April 2021

Patch Notes for April 27, 2021

  • Fine tuned mobile pull to refresh animation to avoid blank space appearing on certain device resolutions
  • Added unique artwork for the various SUPER|brie+ price points in the Premium Store
  • Added unique artwork for the SUPER|brie+ Supply Kit available in the King's Arms & King's Cart
  • Corrected alignment issue causing cheese to not be centered below a hunter's trap in the Camp page trap selector
  • Corrected issue causing Cartographer items to not correctly appear in the King's Arms & King's Cart
  • Corrected outdated image of Empowered Anchor Charm on the Sunken City HUD by breaking cache to force all players to redownload the image
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the Sky Map in Floating Islands to not update properly after upgrading the Skyfarer's Oculus
  • Corrected problem causing large traps to not render correctly in Larry's Loot Lexicon, the base to appear too large
  • Fixed bug with mobile Favourite Trap Setups which caused the currently equipped trap skin to disarm when activating a saved setup
  • Corrected issue causing the mobile app to soft crash when using Favourite Trap Setups with certain trap and skin combinations
  • Corrected problem with gifting inbox notifications that would occasionally link to Facebook from and vice versa
  • Searching for a hunter by their Hunter ID in the friend section now displays various action buttons to send map invites, friend request, etc.
  • Clicking a Hunter ID on a profile page now copies the ID to the clipboard
  • Corrected problem when crafting Sky Pirate Swiss causing the Magic Essence version to not correctly appear as disabled should the hunter not own enough Magic Essence
  • Added more checks for when the mobile app needs to "resync" to download updated game content
  • Fixed bug causing the main navigation menu to not navigate correctly while viewing the inventory
  • Total Pollutinum refined now appears the Toxic Spill HUD for the purposes of checking adventure progress towards refining 200 total Pollutinum
  • Corrected layering issue causing some hunter tooltips in the treasure map interface to not appear on top of other interface elements

-- Dave Vanderburg

9 April 2021

Patch Notes for April 9, 2021

  • Fixed issue that would sometimes allow mice to be marked as caught on maps without actually catching the mouse
  • Fixed mobile client issue where bonus hunts would sometimes disappear from the journal when refreshing Camp

-- Dave Vanderburg

7 April 2021

Patch Notes for April 7, 2021

  • The Tattered Celestial Skin Pattern cost of all three Valorous Airship Cosmetic items has been lowered to 100 patterns
  • Hunters that purchased any of the Valorous Airship Cosmetics have been refunded 900 Tattered Celestial Skin Patterns per cosmetic purchased
  • Corrected error causing a green check mark to be displayed on top of Treasure Trove and Sky Conqueror Egg within Floating Islands retreat message before the island has been fully explored
  • Updated description of Eggscavator Charge Charm
  • Removed the SUPER|brie+ Factory from the list of locations on the travel page under Gnawnia
  • Fixed bug causing balloons to appear in the background of the Premium Shop when viewing SUPER|brie+

-- Dave Vanderburg

5 April 2021

Patch Notes for April 5, 2021

  • Corrected issue with travel map causing the Floating Islands to be missing from the map image
  • Updated Birthday Ube Cake Base to appear as a "Birthday" base in the trap selector
  • Corrected typo in Extreme Party Charm description

-- Dave Vanderburg