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Patch Notes for July 28, 2022

  • Modified the order of operations when calculating word values in the Table of Contents to round up at each step (the result being that certain mice in certain situations will now be worth 1 or possibly 2 words more than they previously were)
  • Modified the text in several upgrade descriptions to mention the location that they affect
  • Added inventory tags for a few cheese types that were missing them
  • Fixed a minor display bug related to Mythical Mulch Plants in the Harvest Bin
  • Adjusted the colour on the Bitter Grammarian's silhouette image
  • Fixed a display bug that sometimes caused incorrect word values to appear in the Start Writing prompt in the Table of Contents
  • Adjusted the text in the journal entry after claiming an Encyclopedia reward to mention the number of Encyclopedias written as well as the total volumes written

-- Norman Hussey

Patch Notes for July 26, 2022

  • Removed baked-in Limited Edition badge from a number of trap images:
(Limited Edition badge is automatically added in the Trap view.)
  • 2010 Blastoff Trap
  • Snow Barrage
  • Nannybot
  • Kraken Chaos
  • HitGrab Rockin' Horse
  • HitGrab Rainbow Rocking Horse
  • Updated Infinite Winter Horizon Trap recipe:
    • Removed 1 Arcane Crystal
    • Added 42 Tiny Platinum Bars
  • Updated Soul Harvester recipe:
    • Removed 2 Metamorphic Rock
    • Added 13 additional Tiny Platinum Bars
  • Fixed issue with Region selector being cut off on the Travel page
  • Spruced up the "Points" item image
  • Removed White Cheddar Cheese, Small Power Charms, Brain Charms, and Freshness Charms from the list of possible Gifts of the Day
  • Discovered and excavated hidden subterranean path leading to Folklore Forest

-- Norman Hussey

Patch Notes for July 7, 2022

  • Added Moussu Picchu as related environment to Explore the Floating Islands adventure so that progression journal entry for purchasing the Dirigible and Flight License properly appears

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis

Patch Notes for July 6, 2022 (#2)

  • Fixed issue with Legendary Looking Glass map piece image

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis

Patch Notes for July 6, 2022

  • Fixed issue with Travel Map showing artifacts near the Lost City
  • Fixed issue with loading the Send Supplies page

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis

Patch Notes for July 5, 2022 (#2)

Based on player feedback, Legendary Looking Glass components (Liquid Lens, Antique Frame, Tactical Grip) now drop as loot from the Empyrean Empress in their respective Sky Palace Treasure Vaults (Hydro, Forgotten, Tactical) in addition to being dropped by Sky Paragons.

Our intention was to make the upcoming Folklore Forest region accessible to hunters who had reached the Floating Islands but not necessarily the Sky Palace. However, we recognize the timing is inconvenient for hunters who just finished the Jet Stream event and were looking forward to using up their Storm Cells and thus we've decided to make this change to allow hunters to pursue the map piece items and their own Sky Palace goals simultaneously. So now hunters have the choice to go after Paragons or the Empress to earn the three items.

Thank you all so much for your dedication, support, and feedback! We're always watching and listening and strive to create the best experience that we possibly can!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Patch Notes for July 5, 2022

  • Increased stats for all tiers of Spore charms
  • Revised the item descriptions for all tiers of Spore charms
  • Removed crafting recipes for all tiers of Spore charms
  • Added all tiers of Spore charms to the Charm Shoppes of the Fungal Cavern, Labyrinth, and Zokor
  • Unstable Charms now have a chance of spawning an Extreme Spore Charm
  • Added styling to the mobile journal entries for Ultimate Charms
  • Removed some superfluous text about the Lucky Golden Shield from item descriptions in the browser Premium Shop
  • Added the "Random Mouse" profile picture image as an option for hunter profiles (only currently available in the web version, mobile update to come)
  • Fixed issue where short decriptions in the Trap Selector on the Camp page were missing certain markup text
  • Fixed descriptions for 15, 250 and 500 packs of Ancient String Cheese
  • Fixed typo in Chrome Thought Obilterator description
  • Fixed typo on the profile page in King's Crown tab
  • Fixed issue where opening new tabs from the main web navigation menu highlighted the wrong items
  • The Login page now shows "Register" and "Sign In" as separate tabs
  • Gift links from Larry can now be claimed on as well as Facebook
  • Clicking a Larry gift link now leads to a new gift claim page
  • Hunters can preview the gift they're about to receive and select their preferred platform to claim
  • If a hunter is logged out, they'll be able to login as part of the gift claim flow
  • Note: Claiming gift links from the mobile app is not yet supported

Changes related to the mobile app apply to version 1.125.0 and above

-- Norman Hussey