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Each mouse caught is worth a specific number of points. Trap components have a minimum points requirement, should a hunter fail to meet the requirement they will not be able to purchase the component. Points determine your rank on the scoreboard.

Points are gained by catching mice. The heavier the mouse is, the less points it is worth. Since a smaller mouse is faster, it is more challenging to catch, and therefore worth more points. In certain areas, the mice might steal points if you attract but fail to catch them, including the Harbour, the Mountain, the Laboratory, the Mousoleum and the Training Grounds. Losing points does not affect rank progress and thus will not cause a Hunter to drop in rank.

25 points are also awarded each time you sound the Hunter's Horn. You gain 10 extra points for each hunter in your hunting group at your location and yet to sound the horn, up to a maximum of 250 points.

At the very beggining points is the main factor that prevent you from upgrading your trap, until you got a swiss army mouse trap. After that the price for better traps increase notably, then the main task is to mass up gold to purchase ZLM or so. After going to Furoma region (or Mouseleum, but most hunter won't stay there long since RB is required to hunt there), points will increase dramatically at about 200k per day on average. From then on points is out of the question and massing up gold is the only task. (You'll find that you're qualified in points to equip the ACRONYM after a week in Furoma!) --Zxr6 03:32, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

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