Prolific Printing Paper

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Each roll of this truly extraordinary paper is handcrafted by the talented artisans that work in the General Stores throughout the Folklore Forest. It is infused with a unique, magical blend of inspiration, creativity, and artistic genius. Any words printed onto these rolls are instantly imbued with such prolific gravitas that it will blow the mind of any mouse who dares to read it!

The Naughty List Printing Press base will consume one of these rolls per hunt in any Folklore Forest location in order to boost its stats tremendously!


Prolific Printing Paper can be purchased from General Store in Folklore Forest. Each location has a different price which requires that location's currency.


When the Hunter has at least 1 Prolific Printing Paper in their inventory, the Naughty List Printing Press Base's and Folklore Printing Press Base's stats within Folklore Forest region are boosted to:

  • 4,500 Power
  • 35% Power Bonus
  • 35% Attraction Bonus
  • 57 Luck

1 Prolific Printing Paper is consumed per hunt for boosting the Base's stats.

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