Ruined Portal Projector

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The remnants of a used portal projector. The core is spent and the console has burned out, leaving this husk behind.

Examining this destroyed device will let me know how many portals I have entered.


Ruined Portal Projector is a Collectible and a Tool that can be examined to bring up an interface that shows the list of all Eggs.

It is shown under Special inventory tab, Tools sub-tab


For each Fort Rox Portal Projector or Warpath Portal Projector used, a Ruined Portal Projector is added to the Hunter's inventory.

Used Portal Projector Interface

The Hunter can "Examine" the Ruined Portal Projector to bring up this interface.

It reads:

These burnt-out husks are all that remains of a used Portal Projector
In my quest to find all the hidden places in the kingdom, I've used these projectors:

It then displays the description and the number of each Portal Projector used:

History and Trivia

  • 15 March 2017: Ruined Portal Projector was introduced as part of the Heart of the Meteor update for Fort Rox.

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