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The Slayer Aura is a trap bonus that can be earned by completing a Slayer Treasure Map. It is represented by a monstrous eye in the upper left of the main trap image on the Camp page.

Slayer Aura Effect

The Slayer Aura will grant +5 Bonus Luck as well as +1 Ancient Relic each time Hunters find one as loot from a mouse. The duration of the aura depends on the difficulty of map completed, ranging from 2 to 10 days. The aura's duration time stacks and the aura's time will be extended each time Hunter's open an additional Slayer Treasure Chest.

Obtaining a Slayer Aura

Hunters must complete a Slayer Treasure Map and open the Slayer Treasure Chest to obtain the Slayer Aura.
Slayer Scroll Cases are found in Relic Hunter Treasure Chests and Gilded Treasure Chests.

Treasure Map
of Mice

to Acquire
to Join
Easy Slayer Treasure Map 15 2 days Novice
and above
and above
Easy Slayer Treasure Chest
Rare Easy Slayer Treasure Chest
Medium Slayer Treasure Map 20 3 days Lord/Lady
and above
and above
Medium Slayer Treasure Chest
Rare Medium Slayer Treasure Chest
Hard Slayer Treasure Map 25 5 days Baron/Baroness
and above
and above
Hard Slayer Treasure Chest
Rare Hard Slayer Treasure Chest
Elaborate Slayer Treasure Map 30 7 days Duke/Duchess
and above
and above
Elaborate Slayer Treasure Chest
Rare Elaborate Slayer Treasure Chest
Arduous Slayer Treasure Map 35 10 days Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
and above
and above
Arduous Slayer Treasure Chest
Rare Arduous Slayer Treasure Chest

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