Supreme Sensei

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The Supreme Sensei is a breed of mouse found in the Furoma Rift. It is the Rift counterpart of Dojo Sensei Mouse.

Supreme Sensei
Mouse Group: Rift Stalkers
Mouse Statistics
Points: 325,000 Gold: 60,000
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Rift Other Requirements: ??
Cheese: Null Onyx Gorgonzola Charm: ??
Locations: Furoma Rift Loot: Battery Fragment
Divine Orb
Rift Blossom Branch
Rift Circuitry
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
The culmination of all knowledge and abilities of the Grand Pagoda are etched into the very bones of the Supreme Sensei. An absolute master of the Three Ways (the Fang, the Claw and the Belt), he oversees the operations of the three schools, keeping the students and masters on track and in shape.

Seeking the Supreme Sensei is a daunting task, requiring mastery of the three schools in the Grand Pagoda, true dedication, extreme discipline and intense training.

Otherworldly renown is bestowed upon those who best this ultimate master of martial combat!

Mouse ID#:

Preferred Cheese

The Supreme Sensei has been found to be especially attracted to Null Onyx Gorgonzola cheese, to the point that any other kind of cheese will simply not suffice.

Hunting Strategy

Only Rift type traps are very effective against Supreme Sensei, all other power types are ineffective.

History and Trivia

  • 18 May 2016: Supreme Sensei was released with the release of Furoma Rift.