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Skin Info
Obtained Via: ?? Cost: ??
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ?? Image: ??


Simple table template to maintain consistency between Skins pages, and to put all skins in Category:Skins. All fields are required.

{{ Skin
| Method     = 
| Trade      = 
| Event      = 
| Give       = 
| Cost       = 
| Craft      =
| mhinfo     =
| imglink    = 
| desc       =


For the mhinfo field, list only the portion of the Larry's Loot Lexicon link after the item_type= in the link. For example, Extremely Enraged RhinoBot Skin would list mhinfo = extremely_enraged_rhinobot_skin.

Skins have two description pages. One description can be found in the 'choose skin' selection box for a trap; this description is always about the skin itself, and should be the description placed in the desc box; this is also the description that appears on the in-game Donation screen for skins purchased by donations. The other description is on the official MouseHunt Larry's Loot Lexicon page; however, it is inconsistent: for some skins, it is a copy of the 'choose skin' description, for other skins it is a copy of the description for the underlying trap. It is probably a bug in the game that not all skins have the right description on the MouseHunt info page.

For consistency, the image should be taken with the Wooden Base and no cheese armed.

If a skin is crafted, set Craft = Yes. If a skin is Tradable, set Trade = Yes. If a skin is Giveable, set Give = Yes. For now, the only Limited Edition skins also affect weapon stats, so they are special cased and use the weapon template rather than the skin template.