A-MAZE-ing Aura

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The A-MAZE-ing Aura is a trap bonus that can be earned during the Labyrinth Puzzle Box Event. It is represented by a completed puzzle cube in the upper left of the main trap image on the Camp page.


Once Hunters have completed the Labyrinth Puzzle Box Event by collecting all 6 Lost Puzzle Pieces, they are awarded the A-MAZE-ing Aura.

The A-MAZE-ing Aura provides:

The following message appears in the Hunter's Journal when claiming the Aura:

I found all the Lost Puzzle Pieces and unlocked the Labyrinth Puzzle Box!
Solving the mystery of this magical puzzle box has revealed to me the secrets of the Labyrinth!
The A-MAZE-ing Aura is now active for my trap while in the Labyrinth and Zokor, granting me +5 Luck and a bonus chance to block Dead End Clues!
This aura expires on [DATE].

When hunting in the Labyrinth, if the Aura prevented a Dead End Clue, this message is left in the Hunter's Journal:

The power emanating from the A-MAZE-ing Aura allowed me to completely ignore the Dead End Clue and keep my bearings straight!