Ancient Dive Crate

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A diving crate lost long ago to the ocean depths. Through Magma flows, oxygen streams and all the way down deep into the monster trenches, this crate has seen it all and possibly picked up a few valuable goods along the way.
This crate could have almost anything that could be found beneath the waves inside. Unfortunately, in order to find out, one would need to be wrestled away from those that lurk deep below!

An Ancient Dive Crate was dropped by Ancient of the Deep mice during the Sunken City Bonus Loot mini-event. It is placed in the Special inventory tab.


Each Ancient Dive Crate contains 20 Treasure Trawling Charms, and additionally contains some of the following items:

Item Quantity
Copper Beads 5
Divine Orbs 8-12
Empowered Anchor Charms 10-17
Fire Salt 30
Flameshard 25
Flawed Orbs 10-21
Flawless Orbs 15-30
Inferno Peppers 10
Iron Pellets 5
Meteorite Piece 1
Molten Glass 30
Oxygen Canisters 12-19
Predatory Processor 1
Scrap Metals 20
Shards of Glass 30
Simple Orbs 12-26
Spiked Anchor Charms 8-12
Super Luck Charms 20-31
Super Power Charms 20-31
Tin Scraps 5
Ultimate Anchor Charm 1
Ultimate Charm 1
Ultimate Luck Charm 1
Ultimate Power Charm 1
Unstable Charms 6-13

History and Trivia

The Ancient Dive Crate was released on 20 July 2015, for the Sunken City Bonus Loot week.


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