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The attraction bonus boosts the attraction power of the bait being used decreasing the odds of failure to attract a mouse.

An Attraction Bonus on certain bases, weapons, and charms grants a hunter's trap a better probability of attracting mice. The attraction bonus serves as a modifier boosting the base Attraction Rate of the current baited cheese. The higher the bonus, the more likely a mouse will be attracted.
Note that a 10% Attraction Bonus reduces the odds of failure to attract a mouse by 10%. It does not increase the attraction rate by 10%. See comment by dev.

A numerical example to illustrate this:

  • Assume for instance that the base Attraction Rate granted by the cheese is 60%.
  • If there is an Attraction Bonus of 20%, the overall Attraction Rate is boosted to 68% and not 80%.
  • 68% is obtained through the addition of two things:
  • 1) The base Attraction Rate, which is 60%
  • 2) The product of the remaining available attraction (in this case, 100% - 60% = 40%) and the Attraction Bonus (20%), which is 40% x 20% = 8%
  • Hence, 60% + 8% = 68%

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