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This article contains information on features which have been removed from MouseHunt. It is kept here for historical purposes only, and may no longer be accurate or relevant to current gameplay.

The Attraction Rate is how often a mouse is attracted to a Hunter's Trap. The Base Attraction Rate is dependent on the current baited cheese. The better the attraction rate, the more likely you are to attract a mouse. The attraction rate is always shown in the hunter's journal summary, similar to what is shown below.

Attracted a mouse 123 times out of 134 hunts.
123 were eaten, 0 went stale and 3 were stolen.
My attraction rate was very good.

The attraction rate always includes any attraction bonus from the trap used, and is calculated by taking the number of mice attracted over the number of hunts. In this example, the attraction rate is 123 / 134 = 91.79%, which shows as "very good".

Hunters have also been known to have "near perfect", or even "perfect" attraction rates, usually as a result of using SUPER|brie+.

Other than an attraction bonus from the trap, the attraction rate can also be affected negatively, typically when the wrong type of cheese for a location is used. For example, using standard cheese in the Mousoleum will only attract Physical and not Shadow mice, thus lowering the attraction rate.

Attraction Rate of Standard Cheese

Cheese Base Attraction Rate
Cheddar Poor
Marble Decent
Swiss Good
Brie, Gouda Very Good
SUPER|brie+ 99%

Definition of attraction rate messages

The hunter's journal summary will display the results of the hunts between the current and previous summary. The summary appears approximately every 1 day 12 hours. In the event the player has not caught any mice at all during this period, the summary will not be activated until the next catch. The table below lists the messages that players will get, and their corresponding catch percentage range.

Summary Message Attraction Rate
Very Poor >0% to <25%
Poor 25% to <55%
Decent 55% to <75%
Good 75% to <89%
Very Good 89% to <95%
Near Perfect 95% to <100%
Perfect 100%
  • Note: The value between Very Poor and Poor messages has not been confirmed. 25% is the lowest observed value for Poor.

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