Compass Magnet

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A special magnet that is used to recalibrate a confused compass! Using this on your Labyrinth Compass will remove 3 of every type of clue found during a maze expedition.

The magnetic forces found within the shifting walls of the Labyrinth twist and mangle this magnet after its use, grinding into a pile of 20 Minerals.

Acquiring a Compass Magnet

Compass Magnets can be purchased at the Labyrinth General Store in exchange for 12,000 gold, 10 Scholar Scrolls, 10 Plate of Fealtys, and 10 Tech Power Cores.

They are also sometimes found in Labyrinth Treasure Chests and Rare Labyrinth Treasure Chests.

Using Compass Magnets

Using a Compass Magnet in the Labyrinth will remove 3 of each type of clue from a Hunter's Compass.

Hunters can view their stock of Compass Magnets on the HUD and from the Special tab of their inventory under Equipment.

Using a Compass Magnet provides the Hunter with 20 Minerals.