Dragon's Chest

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Dragon's Chest is dropped by the Dragon Mouse in Dracano. It is placed in the Special inventory tab.


A dragon mouse's prized possession is its treasure-- so why not keep it in a fancy, crystal-scaled box? Observers lucky enough to see the dragon mouse in its natural habitat can find it curled up around this chest at night, with its tail jealously wrapped around the lock.

Dragon's Chest may contain the following items:

Item Quantity
Bottled-Up Rage 1-2
Coconut Milk 4-8
Delicious Stone 1-6
Fire Salt 4-8
Heat Bath Blueprints 1
Inferno Pepper 1
Magic Feather 1
Pinch of Annoyance 1-2
Raisins of Wrath 1-2
Savoury Vegetables 1-6
Seashell 1-6
Vanilla Bean 20-30
Zugzwang's Scarf 1

Zugzwang's Scarf and Magic Feather will be in the first Dragon's Chest opened. It is not possible to have more than one of these items; however, if hunters use up the Magic Feather, they will receive another in the next chest they open.

History and Trivia

Hunters were able to open the Dragon's Chest on 17 August 2010 when the Seasonal Garden location was released.


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