Floating Reindeer Crate

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These special crates of festive goodies can be seen floating around the Festive Comet during the Great Winter Hunt!


Floating Reindeer Crate is a special reward available from the annual Great Winter Hunt events (2017 onward).
It is available from Golem reward or from the General Store. Detail of obtaining methods can be found on individual event pages.


Hunters will receive 1 item from the following table:

Item Quantity
Festive Ultimate Luck Charm 3 – 5
Festive Ultimate Power Charm 3 – 5
Gilded Charm 3 – 5
King's Credit 3 – 5
Magic Essence 3 – 5
SUPER|brie+ 3 – 5

History and Trivia

  • Hunters will have a Floating Reindeer Crate added to their inventory when they reach 130,000 meters while in flight.
  • An additional crate will be added to the Hunter's inventory with each additional 10,000 meters traveled.
  • From 10 December 2019 to 19 December 2019: The Floating Reindeer Crate's cost was 1 Repurposed Heat Exchanger Coil instead of the intended 1 Plain Short.

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