Floating Reindeer Crate

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These special crates of festive goodies are found while flying high overhead in your Gnawnian Sleigh during the 2016 Great Winter Hunt!

Acquiring Floating Reindeer Crates

Found while in flight during the Great Winter Hunt 2016

  • Hunters will have a Floating Reindeer Crate added to their inventory when they reach 130,000 meters while in flight.
  • An additional crate will be added to the Hunter's inventory with each additional 10,000 meters traveled.

Bonus item awarded when a level 10 or above Snow Golem returns from hunting during the Great Winter Hunt 2017 & Great Winter Hunt 2018


Hunters will receive 1 item from the following list.

Festive Ultimate Luck Charm 3 - 5
Festive Ultimate Power Charm 3 - 5
Gilded Charm 3 - 5
King's Credits 3 - 5
Magic Essence 3 - 5
SUPER|brie+ 3 - 5


These crates were introduced as part of the Great Winter Hunt 2016 event.


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