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The world of MouseHunt contains many referenced locations. They are only briefly mentioned in the descriptions of certain locations, loot and mice.

Burroughs River

The Burroughs River runs between Burroughs and Furoma. The river is highly polluted by the Laboratory, causing Burroughs Salmon to grow unnaturally large. The fish found in the river are required to craft Susheese cheese. The Training Grounds are on the northern shore of the river. Archer mice are known to fire their arrows across the river, using Zombie mice from the Mousoleum as target practice.

Furoma Pagoda

The Furoma Pagoda consists of three individual locations. The first floor is the Dojo, where the students (Student of the Cheese Belt, Student of the Cheese Claw and Student of the Cheese Fang mice) commonly train. The second floor is the Meditation Room, where the masters (Master of the Cheese Belt, Master of the Cheese Claw and Master of the Cheese Fang mice) study and meditate. The third floor is the Pinnacle Chamber, where Master of the Dojo and Dojo Sensei mice reside. Worker mice frequently scamper through the pagoda, repairing wooden pillars destroyed by other mice. A page from Plankrun's journal states the pagoda was originally invaded by the master mice.

Gnawnia Mountains

The Gnawnia Mountains are where the Mountain is found. The seaweed taken from the shores along the base of the mountains is used to make Nori, a crafting ingredient for Susheese cheese. Before Christmas 2008, Elf mice dropped many Gifts around the mountains while frantically escaping hunters.

Salt Mines

Main article: Salt Mines

The Salt Mines originated as a fan-made location from the MouseHunt forums. The mines became canonical when it was revealed Ionized Salt is imported from them.