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List of references

Here's the list I collected before writing this article, just for future reference. Revengeance 06:25, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

  • I'm adding a new referenced location - Kingdom of Buchelt. -- Camomiletea 14:10, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

Burroughs River

  • A place of study, the students that train along the northern shore of the Burroughs River are indeed a worthy foe. (Training Grounds, 10 October 2008)
  • Often seen firing their arrows over the Burroughs River and using zombie mice for target practice this agile mouse can split a whisker from 1000 yards. (Archer Mouse, 10 October 2008)
  • The pollution being pumped into the Burroughs River seems to cause the local salmon to grow to massive proportions. (Burroughs Salmon, 26 November 2008)
  • The combination of delicious brie and fish fresh out of the Burroughs River seems to be the only bait that will attract the Masters of the Cheese Claw. (Susheese, 27 November 2008)

Furoma Pagoda

  • The ground floor of the Furoma Pagoda is where students most frequently train. (Dojo, 27 November 2008)
  • The second floor of the Pagoda is where the Masters of the three cheese schools meditate and study. (Meditation Room, 27 November 2008)
  • The stairs that lead to the third and final floor of the Pagoda are behind a thick, opulent set of double doors and are extremely well guarded. (Pinnacle Chamber, 27 November 2008)
  • This mouse is most frequently found scampering around the Furoma Pagoda repairing shattered wooden pillars. (Worker Mouse, 22 December 2008)

Gnawnia Mountains

  • Made from fresh seaweed growing along the shores near the base of the Gnawnia Mountains, nori is frequently used for preparing Susheese. (Nori, 26 November 2008)
  • These mice are occasionally seen wandering down from the Mountains to give hunters a hard time. (Abominable Snow Mouse, 11 December 2008)
  • In their mad dash to escape hunters, the thieving elf mice dropped a large quantity of these red gifts across the Gnawnia Mountains. (Gift, 11 December 2008)

Salt Mines

  • Imported from the Salt Mines, this salt has a high mineral content and is extremely conductive. (Ionized Salt, 26 November 2008)

Unused references

There are a few referenced locations I came across which don't really seem as relevant as the others. Please add new references to this section as they appear. If there are enough for a certain location, we could add it to the article.

  • Catacombs: The strength of arcane damage increases proportionally against forgotten mice, making the traps especially effective in the Catacombs. (Arcane, 29 January 2009)
The Catacombs became a hunting location on 4 February 2009, 6 days after it was referenced.
  • Eastern island: A merchant air ship was forced to make a landing on an island east of Gnawnia until the weather clears up. (News ticker, 13 December 2008)
  • Eastern island: Gouda arrives in crates that float into the Harbour, seemingly from areas off the eastern coast of Gnawnia. It has a very good chance to attract a variety of mice, and its sharp flavour is a special favourite of the mice who inhabit the islands from where it is assumed to originate. (Gouda, 17 July 2009)
  • Furoma forests: This wood is harvested from the northern forests of Furoma, where the trees almost seem to fight back against the hatchets. (Splintered Wood, 26 November 2008)
  • Furoma schools: The masters of all three Furoma schools focus their power and knowledge by unifying their consciousness under a single seal. (Master's Seal, 27 November 2008)
    • Cheese Belt school: The School of the Cheese Belt harnesses this magical energy to suppress their once insatiable cravings for cheese. (Token of the Cheese Belt, 27 November 2008)
    • Cheese Claw school: Considered somewhat of an acquired taste, Susheese is the traditional meal of the school of the Cheese Claw. (Susheese, 27 November 2008)
    • Cheese Claw school: Cheese Claw tokens harness magical jade gems to encapsulate the teachings of the Claw School. (Token of the Cheese Claw, 27 November 2008)
    • Cheese Fang school: Should a Master of the Cheese Fang see a hunter using a chunk of this as bait it will surely cause them to challenge the hunter to defend the honor of the school. (Combat, 27 November 2008)
  • Gnawnia castle: The King allows Ronza to make port near the castle, to sell her goods. (Ronza's Traveling Shoppe, 16 August 2008)
  • Gnawnia castle: The weather has cleared and Ronza has been spotted in the sky above the Gnawnia castle! (News ticker, 15 December 2008)
  • Kingdom of Buchelt: Mice that hail from the Kingdom of Buchelt are well-known for their extensive knowledge of forest regions, and these Princess mice are no exception! MouseHunter lore has speculated that the rulers of this strange kingdom appoint many princesses, where others believe these mice are merely off their rockers. (Elven Princess Mouse, 31 March 2009)
  • Lagoon of Whisker Woods: The carnivorous plants that grow near the Lagoon of Whisker Woods are often harvested by Trapsmiths and grown to supernatural size by unnatural means. (Venus Mouse Trap, 9 April 2009)
The Lagoon became a hunting location on 22 April 2009, 13 days after it was referenced.
  • Moon: One of the inventions the scientists of Digby are most interested in is space probe technology capable of fragmenting a small portion of the moon's surface to harvest small quantities of lunar cheese. (Moon, 17 October 2008)
  • Moon: These small pieces of cheese-like rock are rumored to be small fragments of the moon. (Meteorite Piece)
  • Santa's workshop: These gifts are specially prepared in Santa's workshop and have a magic glow about them. (Magically Wrapped Gift, 11 December 2008)
  • Santa's workshop: This greedy little mouse managed to infiltrate Santa's workshop by disguising himself as one of Santa's elves. (Elf Mouse, 11 December 2008)
  • Zen gardens: Although these mice mostly lead a tranquil life of meditation in the Zen gardens of Furoma, they shall not hesitate to defend their territory. (Kung Fu Mouse, 10 October 2008)
  • Zugzwang's tower: Zugzwang enchanted the pieces of his chess set to create a trap weapon capable of combating the clever mice in his tower. (Zugzwang's Last Move, 18 November 2008)


After noting the new type of trap listed in the help tab of the trapsmith, and it referenced the catacombs, I did a bit of reading on the forums, which led me to say that it was believed that will be the new location. --Skittlesandmnms 20:45 1 February 2009 (UTC)

Master of the Pagoda?

I understand that the referenced locations may not (and in some cases, do not) actually exist. But I'm wondering two things: 1) Is the Pagoda just referenced, or the actually all-encompassing name for the three areas? and 2) if the latter, from my previous question, why is the Master Mouse of the 'Pagoda' called the Master of the Dojo? Surely the Dojo is only one section. Anyone know? CaitlinK 12:04, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

  • It's the latter. And I think they were called Masters of the Dojo so their name doesn't imply a superiority over the other three Master breeds, considering they all share the same classification (despite Dojo Masters being much stronger). Revengeance 20:02, 3 April 2009 (UTC)
  • But if they are much stronger, does that not imply superiority? And it is the last mouse you catch in that area, in terms of strength. You don't go after it if you do not have the proper set up, etc. and you need to catch/defeat the other three masters before you can earn the fight against the Master of the Dojo. Surely the name should be changed. :) CaitlinK 12:03, 26 April 2009 (UTC)