Master's Seal

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The masters of all three Furoma schools focus their power and knowledge by unifying their consciousness under a single seal. The result is an almost unstable magical force that can manifest itself into a morsel of cheese that far exceeds the power of the masters.


Formula: Master's Seal
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Master Belt Shard 1 Loot
Master Claw Shard 1 Loot
Master Fang Shard 1 Loot
Total 0


The Master's Seal is used in crafting the Ambush Trap and Rumble cheese.

History and Trivia

When the Pinnacle Chamber opened in November 2008, 3 shards yielded 3 pieces of Rumble, and 1 Master's Seal yielded 1 piece of Rumble. In July 2011, the yield for the Master's Seal was increased from 1 piece to 3 pieces of Rumble.

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