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About me

Hi, and welcome to my page! Feel free to look around. I'm not very active anymore, but still help out from time to time; and you can always ask me for help, and I'll do what I can.

Why "camomiletea"?

  • Because I like tea
  • Because I like the connotations, the warmth of this nickname
  • But more than anything because of this poem: Camomile Tea by Katherine Mansfield

Hunting Goals

Immediate goals

Long-term goals

  • Finish Living Garden
    • Recipes, Traps, Ultimate Charms, Rift base
  • More Library Points
    • Get Seasonal Garden/ZT assignments - remember to use Scholar charms
    • Redo Reaper's Perch assignment
    • M400 Assignment
    • Furoma
    • Fill out Crystal Library silvers
  • Acolyte Realm
    • Silver Acolytes, Realm Rippers
    • Sell Dragonbane charms
  • Gnawnia Rift
    • Silver crowns
  • Gnawnian Express
    • Traps, Silvers
  • Fiery Warpath
  • Muridae Market
    • papyrus base, silvers
  • Iceberg
    • Deep mouse, all bases, silvers
  • Catch 100 Moles
  • Catch 100 of every Dreaded Horde
  • Dragon Hunt (w/ Dragonbane)
  • Catch a Keeper with the Front Cover
  • Balack's Cove
  • Catch 100 of as many mouse breeds as possible.
  • King's Gauntlet
    • Bronze Eclipse, silver as many as possible

Jungle of Dread stats

Stonework Warrior 29.9% (53 catches, 124 misses)
Fetid Swamp 28.6% (106 catches, 244 misses)
Chitinous 28.6% (10 catches, 25 misses)
Jurassic 22.0% (9 catches, 32 misses)
Primal 21.4% (34 catches, 125 misses)
Magma Carrier 19.6% (9 catches, 37 misses)

Charms Uses

as gleaned from forums

  • Wealth Charm - Dojo Sensei
  • Rook Crumble Charm, power charms - Zugzwang's Tower
  • Amplifier Charm - Seasonal Garden
  • luck charms - good for Master of the Dojo
  • freshness charms - if cheese is hard to obtain and has poor attraction (e.g. Rockforth)
  • attraction charms - Seasonal Garden/Zugzwang's Tower, unless using SB+ or another charm
  • Empowered Anchor to avoid washout in Balack's Cove (not for low tide)
  • Tarnished Charm - whenever you don't use another charm, and the cheese is cheap or has a high attraction.
  • warpath charms recommended in Fiery Warpath
  • Dragonbane Charm most profitable to sell in the marketplace.



Special pages

Useful links

For Pawns: Pincher + Target + Attraction Charm + Gouda
Up to Queen OR Luck goers under 25, which ever comes first: RR + Magma + Luck Charm + Super Brie
For King and CM: ZFM + Magma + Power Charm + Checkmate
Note that for the Kings, its ZFM/MAGMA, not ZFM/Tiki, because the Tiki's 0 luck really pulls it down.
  • ZT Double Run
  1. mystic pawn pincher
  2. rewer's until you accidentally unlock the technic knight
  3. BSP (Tiki? power-no luck) until you catch the mystic king (use checkmate for king)
  4. technic pawn pincher if necessary
  5. rewer's until ~60% amp
  6. ZFM for technic queen and king