Ghastly Galleon Gouda

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Ghastly Galleon Gouda
Category: Halloween
Cheese Info
Cost: 0
Shoppe: None
Potion: None
Craftable: No
Tradeable: No
Giveable: Yes
Smashes To: N/A
Stales To: Stale Cheese
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
A strong, foul odor permeates the sails of this wretched cheese. It smells of old rotten lumber, expired milk and dirt. Its stench and its sight is similar to that of a ghostship and could easily be mistaken as one for those mice that are looking to board it.

Arm this cheese at a Haunted Ghostship Location to attract event mice that drop Ethereal Cannonballs.

Obtaining Ghastly Galleon Gouda

Ghastly Galleon Gouda can be found as loot from mice located at any of the Haunted Ghostship Locations.

Using Ghastly Galleon Gouda

Ghastly Galleon Gouda can be used for Creepy Carl's Cursed Cruise at various Haunted Ghostship Locations within the Kingdom to attract Halloween Mice that drop Ethereal Cannonballs.

Ghastly Galleon Gouda will not attract mice outside of these Haunted Ghostship Locations.

Related Items

Staling Effect

  • Stale Cheese - Produced by Ghastly Galleon Gouda when it fails to attract a mouse and goes stale.

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