Hunting Party

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A Hunting Party is basically a group of one to four hunters. While in a Hunting Party, you can hunt in MouseHunt Tournaments. You must be at least an Apprentice Hunter to hunt in a party.

When a hunter sounds the Party Horn, any members of their Hunting Party who are ready to hunt will be brought along for this hunt, regardless of their location and thus sending the other hunters on the hunt to gain more points in the Tournament.


There are two types of party hunters: the captain and the members. The captain (who is also a member), is the party's administrative leader. Captains assume the responsibility of inviting other hunters to join one's party as well as selecting (and paying for) the tournament their party will hunt in. Party members do not have these administrative privileges but are absolutely vital to the party's success in hunts and in accumulating Party Points.

Gaining more party Members

Captains can invite up to 3 friends to add to the Hunting Party. Any invitation can be canceled on the Hunting Party page before it is accepted if the captain wishes to change his mind. Only hunters who are not currently in an active Hunting Party can be invited. Captains can use the Hunters tab on the Hunting Party page to invite hunters or navigate to any Hunter's Profile page where an invite button will be displayed if they are available for invitation. Hunters can not be invited after a tournament has started.

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