King's Giveaway (2023)

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A King's Giveaway ran from 12 September through 26 September.
Additional Prize Mice were released throughout the Kingdom.

Mice began dropping King's Prize Keys that opened Mystery Prize Packs.
All Prize Mice will drop 1 King's Prize Key when caught.
All other mice have a small chance of dropping 1 King's Prize Key.

A banner above the Hunter's Journal tracks the Hunter's inventory of King's Prize Keys.
When opened, the pop-up allows Hunters to use the keys to open Mystery Prize Packs and access the King's Vault.
The pop-up also tracks global Prize Mice catches by Rank.

Mystery Prize Pack Contents

The following are possible items:

King's Vault Contents

After the Hunter has opened 10 Mystery Prize Packs, they will be given a choice out of three possible rewards from the King's Vault:

Loot Dropped by Prize Mice

Besides the King's Prize Key, Prize Mice have also been observed to drop the following loot during the 2023 King's Giveaway Event: